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Trusted Partner: Ribbon SBC

Enterprise-grade gateways for increased fax connectivity. Learn how RightFax leverages the power and reliability of Ribbon SBC to bridge IP connections to your legacy telecom network.  

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Ribbon SBC: Built for smarter real-time fax 

For over 20 years, Ribbon has built industry-leading SIP communications solutions, featuring their powerful Session Border Controllers (SBCs) which offer advanced connectivity, security, and scale for real-time communications. 

While communications devices grow smaller and smarter, they built a powerful Ribbon SBC that is smaller and smarter, too. With incredible interoperability and advanced security features, Ribbon SBCs are a powerful addition to any IP-based fax system connected to legacy telephony. 

As a global leader in SIP solutions, Ribbon plays a vital role in our delivery of next-generation, smart fax solutions for healthcare, government, and other regulated industries. 

    RightFax is the industry standard for enterprise fax solutions. As the fax experts, we’ve helped thousands of organizations configure their RightFax system to fit their current and future network needs.

    The Swiss Army Knife of SBCs 

    Ribbon SBCs (Session Border Controllers) are designed and tested to provide the most robust SIP security and interoperability for IP to PSTN connections. Ribbon offers cloud-based security solutions, virtualized SBC software, and traditional hardware appliances. 

    Ribbon SBCs integrate with virtually any network environment, making them one of the most versatile solutions on the market. Ribbon also has the benefit of hundreds of thousands of existing deployments worldwide, meaning their solutions are deployed with Avaya, Asterisk, Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, and countless other brands of PBXs and contact centers. 

    As you may know, SIP communications are often targeted because of the vast amount of business-critical information transferred daily. That is why Ribbon SBCs are key to multi-site security and interoperability for SIP trunking. Ribbon SBCs deliver signaling and media path security, including encryption, topology hiding, traffic policing, call admission control and mitigation of DDoS attacks. 

    Ribbon’s SBC core portfolio also shares a common code base, so all the advanced features and functionality operate the same on each of the SBCs. When deployed in a large enterprise’s core network, customers instantly leverage the SBCs carrier-grade heritage, of all their features on your network. Whether you have 10 numbers or 1,000, Ribbon SBCs keep your network safe and connected


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    Advantage Technologies and Ribbon SBC 

    Ribbon is one of the most deployed SBC providers in the world. Their experience, combined with ours, ensures that all of our clients receive the highest-grade RightFax solutions around. We have deployed Ribbon SBCs in countless networks, including healthcare, government, and other high-volume, high-security enterprises. 

    As the experts on RightFax and enterprise-grade digital fax solutions, our goal is to provide you with the best possible configuration for your current and future needs. We partner with industry-leading providers like Ribbon to ensure your RightFax software can perform at the highest level while simplifying your overall network requirements. 

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