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Trusted Partner: T38Fax SIP Trunking

Learn how T38Fax’s enterprise-grade fax over IP (FoIP) telephony optimizes IP for thousands of enterprises worldwide   

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Built by fax experts for fax-dependent enterprises 

Since its founding in 2002, T38Fax has become a global leader in fax over IP (FoIP) because of their focus on precise, real-time document transmissions, along with a suite of management tools and expert support services.  

Built with enterprise fax needs in mind, T38Fax’s flagship Power-SIP Trunks allow organizations to send and receive real-time fax over virtual lines without complex networking requirements. All these connections also come with true ECM Error Correction to ensure all transmissions are identical on the sending and receiving server. Additionally, their dedicated support is always available to troubleshoot your connections. 

As a trusted partner, we leverage the power and interoperability of their T.38 SIP trunking to ensure RightFax can function at the highest level while reducing your network workload. 

    RightFax is the industry standard for enterprise fax solutions. As the fax experts, we’ve helped thousands of organizations configure their RightFax system to fit their current and future network needs.

    A closer look: T38Fax SIP trunking 

    T38Fax have designed their own high-quality, feature-complete, and broadly compatible T.38 FoIP stack from the ground up, so it is independently reliant and secure. Whether for healthcare, government, or other regulated industries, their Power-SIP Trunks deliver on quality, security, and support. 

    For starters, T38Fax does G.711 audio directly onto the PSTN over a single optical hop. Your system only ever interacts with their T.38 media gateways, ensuring predictable, high quality and worry-free faxing. Their unique ECM Error Correcting is also always on, so you know your faxes are always identical. And, T38Fax does so without having to slow down your speed. 

    Because their T.38 a real-time protocol and fax data is never stored in transit, T38Fax FoIP is compatible with HIPAA and other compliance bodies, with additional encryption and VPN options available. No matter your volume and security needs, you can rest assured that faxes are being delivered and have been transferred securely from point to point. 

    Lastly, T38Fax customers count on personal and dedicated support from experts in fax and telephony rather than upstream, carrier support. Because it was built with IP fax in mind, their support team is made up of highly trained and experienced fax engineers. Built-in monitoring is also available for quick resolutions to network issues. 


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    Advantage Technologies and T38Fax 

    As a trusted and certified partner, T38Fax has helped us install RightFax systems for enterprise clients in healthcare, government, military, and other highly secure and regulated industries. Together with their Power-T.38 SIP, RightFax has maximized the fax workflows of thousands of institutions, guiding them to the future of IP-based faxing solutions. 

    As the experts on RightFax and enterprise-grade digital fax solutions, our goal is to provide you with the best possible configuration for your current and future needs. We partner with industry-leading providers like T38Fax to ensure your RightFax software can perform at the highest level while simplifying your physical telephony network. 

    If you’re looking to optimize your fax system, visit our Host-it-anywhere page below to view all your RightFax options.

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