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FaxPulse Business Intelligence

Easily run reports, see trends and get alerts on your RightFax system.


The FaxPulse Business Intelligence (BI) suite is a unique platform developed by Advantage Technologies that combines analytics gathering with monitoring and alerting. It provides a single location where you can simply “click and go” to get intel on the state of your RightFax environment.

FaxPulse BI helps you:

  •  Monitor — track server status, queue depth and channel usage level; monitor SLAs; and view trends/historical data
  •  Alert — receive timely notifications whenever a metric or KPI exceeds your specified threshold
  •  Report — present accurate metrics on fax server traffic, history and transmission details through centralized, customizable reporting

The FaxPulse BI “click-and-go” dashboard tracks more than 50 different metrics on system health, volume, usage, and more!

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Features and Capabilities:

  • Connect to Multiple RightFax Databases
  • Automated Data Load
  • Data Warehouse
  • View Delegate Assignments
  • Collaboration and Bookmarking Tools
  • Active Directory Integrated Security

If RightFax is essential for your organization, FaxPulse is the most comprehensive enterprise solution available for monitoring and reporting on your fax communications in a customizable, secure way that meets compliance standards. Call us at 866.730.1700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started today!

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FaxPulse Business Intelligence with Monitoring & Alerting for RightFax