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Dialogic Brooktrout

Proven High-Performance Fax Boards and Software for T1/E1 and IP Environments

downloadDialogic delivers time-tested industry-leading fax technology, offering a broad range of fax and fax over IP products, which are supported by more than 50 software partners and approved for use in more than 40 countries (as of 2010). The Dialogic Brooktrout T.30 Stack has been deployed for more than 20 years.

Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Boards

bt tr1034The Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034 Fax Board offers both TDM- and IP-based fax capabilities for network-based fax applications and integration with document management and business process automation systems. The Brooktrout TR1034 can also provide an easy migration path from traditional TDM-based fax systems to hybrid and all-IP fax systems.

The Dialogic Brooktrout TruFax Fax Boards offer small businesses and departmental workgroups dependable network fax capabilities. These intelligent fax boards support a variety of applications, such as fax server and workflow fax, and offer enterprise-level quality and performance to small businesses.

Dialogic Brooktrout FoIP Software

sr 140Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 Fax Software provides Fax over IP (FoIP) capabilities for integrating fax servers and fax document management solutions with VoIP networks. The Brooktrout SR140 can be deployed in SIP, H.323, and MGCP environments and provides native SIP and H.323 support. Brooktrout SR140 also supports fax server virtualization.


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