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Cloud Fax Solution

Learn how your organization can eliminate telecom charges, software fees and maintenance with Fax2Mail.

What is Fax2Mail?

Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity

Fax is an integral part of your business, but the backend infrastructure and supporting IT resources can result in high costs. On top of that, employee efficiency can take a hit due to processes such as manually handling and transmitting fax documents.

OpenText Fax2Mail is a cloud-based fax solution built to deliver high volumes of faxes with built-in security, accuracy, and speed. It eliminates the need for onsite hardware, software, and telephony for faxing, simplifying the fax environment and reducing costs. This allows IT departments to reallocate key resources to other strategic business initiatives. 

With built-in high availability and disaster recovery, Fax2Mail improves fax reliability by reducing busy signals, scalability issues, and other issues that may impact your digital fax workflows. 

How does Fax2Mail work?

Providing State-of-the-Art Security & Unmatched Reliability

Fax2Mail works by allowing users to send and receive faxes using their preferred email provider or an online interface instead of traditional fax machines and phone lines.

It offers additional functionality such as:

  • Comprehensive historical view to identify key statistics, system performance, and delivery information.
  • Enhanced security features including data encryption, immediate document deletion, and encrypted archiving.
  • Integrations with back-end systems and applications through prebuilt connectors or web-based APIs

Thousands of organizations choose Fax2Mail because it is one of the most secure cloud fax solutions with the most advanced integrations available. With best-in-class security policies and procedures, compliance-bound organizations trust Fax2Mail to defend, protect and deliver their data with unmatched reliability.


Fax2Mail uses industry-standard 128-bit encryption for sent and received files.

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User Friendly

Provides a easy-to-use interface that enables users to efficiently send, receive, and track their faxes.

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Cost Effective

Eliminate capital costs, software fees, telecom charges, and ongoing maintenance.

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A world-class network that scales to support large data transmissions and peak periods.

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Benefits of Fax2Mail?

Innovative Solutions for Every Business

No Additional Hardware of Software

Fax2Mail eliminates all onsite fax infrastructure and costs associated with fax machines, servers, fax cards, software and dedicated phone lines, simplifying the fax environment and reducing costs.

HIPAA Compliant Settings

Use enhanced security features to protect the security and privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI): data encryption, immediate document deletion, encrypted archiving, no archive option, and HIPAA viewer option.

Advanced Third-Party Integrations

Fax2Mail integrates with back-end systems and applications through prebuilt connectors or web-based APIs and exceeds the value of standalone fax methods. This enables inbound and outbound faxing directly within applications, providing exponential value to companies that leverage these integration capabilities.

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