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Hosted RightFax

Maximize Your License Investment, Minimize Maintenance Headaches

Learn how Hosted RightFax can help reduce maintenance overhead while maintaining the trusted fax workflows you rely on.

What is Hosted RightFax?

Maximize Your License Investment, Minimize Maintenance Headaches

Hosted RightFax is designed to help reduce the time and maintenance required to manage the underlying RightFax infrastructure without upending your system or the end user experience.

Our certified engineers will manage, monitor and support your environment, removing the maintenance burden off of your organization and providing key features including:

Data Center Redundancy

Providing high availability and uptime, data center redundancy ensures data is not lost due to potential outages.


Simplified Monthly Pricing

Pay a monthly faxing subscription that includes all RightFax features and functionality.


End-to-End Security

Encrypt all communication between the client network and our SOC 1 Type II compliant, geo-redundant data centers.


How Does Hosted RightFax Work?

Hosted RightFax is deployed in secure, SOC1 Type II compliant, and redundant data-centers. Your document workflows and integrations remain the same and there’s no requirement for a substantial system overhaul.

The only difference is that every key maintenance service is managed and performed by our team of certified engineers.

Eliminate that strain on your IT resources that is draining expenses and productivity and let the experts at Advantage take over.

With over 1,000 RightFax installations and over 27 years’ experience, Advantage has a proven track record that speaks for itself. Our experience means that we know all the hidden secrets and undocumented settings that will make your system configuration successful. We will be there from the planning stages all the way through to cut over.

To learn more about how your organization can unlock the power of Hosted RightFax, reach out to an expert today.

Benefits of Hosted Rightfax

By removing the costly and time-consuming task of maintaining and monitoring the RightFax server(s), organizations have the business flexibility to scale up their fax capabilities as their business grows – all without the need for updating infrastructure or investing in other costs of scale. 

Reduced Management Expenses

Our managed services take the responsibility of RightFax server software management off your books, giving your organization maximum business flexibility and scalability. 

Simplified Monthly Pricing

With Hosted RightFax, you pay a monthly subscription fee that includes all the RightFax features and functionality that make it the most complete enterprise fax solution on the market.

Customizable and Flexible Sizing

Pay for what you use. Plus, you never need to manage your telco infrastructure or worry about your faxing capacity, as all aspects of the solution are managed by Advantage.

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