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psicapture flysheet imageAdvantage Technologies is pleased to partner with PSIGEN Software, Inc, developers of PSI:Capture.  PSI:Capture  is an integrated solution to provide consistent data capture technology for all incoming documents, including images from an Open Text Fax Server (or any fax server), a desktop or production scanner and multi-function devices used to capture or scan. This powerful and flexible solution is pre-configured to output images to just about any Document Management System (DMS) or ECM, including Microsoft Sharepoint, Open Text Document Server, Alchemy Edition (formerly Alchemy by Captaris) and many others.


PSI:Capture utilizes the latest OpenText RecoStar Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engine to provide the highest levels of accuracy when recognizing document text or printed writing. Below are OCR/ICR specific features:

  • Multi-lingual OCR
  • Full-text OCR to index field function
  • Hand printed text recognition through ICR
  • Ability to perform multiple OCR steps in a workflow with differing formats
  • Dynamic Zone OCR for first or last page recognition
  • On demand/Rubber band ICR in indexing
  • OCR/ICR separation enhancements
  • New redaction engine provides black, white and bordered redaction

Indexing Automation and Advanced Data Extraction

  • Dynamic migrations allow total control over images and data
  • Newly designed database lookup interface provides easy configuration and preview capabilities
  • New document record type feature allows a document type template to contain different index fields based on requirements
  • Custom index fields allow simple combining of other fields through a simple interface
  • Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) is now applied to any type of auto-populated field which gives full control and validation over data.
  • Dynamic Zone feature allows dynamic zone placement
  • ADE now supports conditional migrations, allowing control over document migration through index field pattern matching

Enhanced Integration Tools

PSI:Capture  focuses on simple, effective integration capabilities.  From template wizards to direct connectivity with 49 industry Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Systems, we make Enterprise Capture flexible.  Key features below:

  • Integration with 49 ECM systems
  • eDocs, Livelink, Laserfiche Direct and Fortis Blue migrations
  • Enhanced C# scripting engine allows for the utmost in customization
  • Additional template configuration wizard for importing digital photo tags and information

Total Control over Image Quality, Validation and PDF Creation

PSI: Capture provides many new features to provide the highest quality images in any desired format.  The addition of new PDF controls provides a set of features non-existent in other advanced capture platforms:

  • PDF Bookmarking through QA or using barcode sheets
  • Ability to create alternate images, allowing for dual stream output of both Color and Black and White images for the same document
  • Software based color dropout helps in forms processing
  • Region-based image processing helps with maintaining overall image quality
  • Custom flagging