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Oracle Connector for RightFax

Deliver Mission-Critical Information Quickly and Securely

oracle certThe RightFax Connector for Oracle enables the RightFax server to work with Oracle applications and technology products to efficiently manage business processes enterprise-wide, from procurement, financials, and supply chain to manufacturing, human resources and marketing. These areas all generate a high-volume of information—from purchase orders and invoices to order confirmations and financial reports. RightFax is a cost-effective option for securely delivering a heavy-volume of transactional documents electronically. Some organizations can see up to a 90% savings when using RightFax instead of communication methods such as print/mail or manual faxing/emailing.

RightFax Connector for Oracle is an affordable, scalable solution that helps enterprises automatically deliver mission-critical business information via fax, email, certified email, and securely over the web— streamlining business processes. It is also configurable for reliable redundancy, fail over and load balancing.


  • Simple Integration
  • Fast ROI
  • Accelerated Workflows
  • Secured Document Delivery
  • Integration for IP-based PBX Phone Systems

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