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Connector For SAP

sap certThe information managed by your SAP application is the lifeblood of your business. It gives the road map for customer and supplier interactions, dictates business cycles and drives collaboration and decision-making - all of which can determine profitability or failure. In today's economy, doing more with less has never been a truer objective. The OpenText RightFax electronic document delivery software integrates with SAP applications to automate the exchange of documents with customers, suppliers and employees.

For over a decade, SAP customers have been relying on the RightFax Connector for SAP to automate the delivery of mission-critical business documents and information like invoices, purchase orders, order confirmations, change orders, and more. RightFax is an SAP Software Partner and has received SAP Certified Integration status as a result of extensive collaboration, testing and integration between the two companies. The certified RightFax Connector for SAP ERP uses the NetWeaver SDK to let you deliver invoices, purchase orders, and other business-critical documents. This ensures that RightFax implementations are technologically sound investments today and in the future. Some of the benefits include:

SAP Connector fully certified and updated to support: SAP ECC 6 EP4 & SAP ECC 7

  • Automate delivery of business critical information from SAP systems via fax, email, certified email, encrypted PDF and SMS.
  • Reduces document delivery costs by up to 90% by eliminating paper-based, manual document delivery processes. This delivers quick and real ROI, realized in a few short months.
  • Accelerate business cycle time through real-time information delivery, improving response time and accelerating revenue generation.
  • Deliver documents securely by ensuring that important communications reach their intended recipient with notification, authentication, and certified delivery.
  • Augments existing IT investments by providing seamless integrations with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and Cisco, Alcatel, and Avaya IP-based phone systems.