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RightFax 10.5 | What's New? New Features

RightFax 10.5 Feature Pack 1 (Now Available)

OpenText RightFax 10.5 Helps Businesses Boost Productivity, Performance and Profitability with new features and functionality!

NEW! OpenText RightFax 10.5 Feature Pack 1 updates include:

Other RightFax 10.5 features and functionality include:

  • File storage system 
  • RightFax Internet Connector
  • Microsoft Server Message Queuing for outbound faxes
  • Core API Updates
  • Enhanced web interface
  • Automatic image correction
  • Improved administrative controls
  • Connectors and other add-ons

RightFax provides a comprehensive enterprise fax and document distribution solution that integrates with virtually any industry application while maximizing an organization's productivity and cost savings.

Combine the trust of fax with the speed of the Internet!

NEW!RightFax Connect offers you the option to outsource all fax-related telephony needs for your on-premise RightFax server, reducing IT burden. This 'hybrid' development combines RightFax server solutions (on-premise software) with RightFax Connect (cloud telephony service). RightFax connect eliminates the management and maintenance of telephony connections, fax boards, fax server channels, and gateways. It allows users to:

  • Remove the complexity of installing, managing and maintaining telephony connections with your RightFax server.
  • Get the deep integrations of RightFax with the ease of cloud-based, secure fax delivery.
  • Only pay for the faxes you send and receive so you can maintain affordable, predictable cost based usage with no per-user fees.

OpenText RightFax 10.5 Internet Connector is the greatest technological leap faxing has taken in 150 years. It empowers RightFax Users to:

  • Create per-transmission internet connections between two RightFax 10.5 servers, bypassing the telephone network and its per-call tolls.
  • Validate senders and recipients against the global RightFax registration database, which contains only fax numbers that have passed a rigorous vetting and authentication process.
  • Fax at Internet speeds while adding modern encryption and digital security to the tamper-proofing, privacy, and audit trail of traditional fax.


  • Interface - A Web Services API is now available to integrate RightFax with custom applications independent of vendor, platform, and language.
  • OpenText eDOCS Integration - An OpenText eDOCS connector is now available to support full functionality between OpenText eDOCS 5.3, OpenText's content management solution for law firms, and RightFax.
  • SAP Integration - SAP Connector now includes Unicode support and System Landscape Directory (SLD) registration.
  • MFP Integrations - A new personalized, interactive connector is now available for Hewlett-Packard (HP) Open Extensibility Platform (OXPd) and Ricoh 10.x devices.
  • Lotus Notes 8.5.2 and 8.5.3 - Allows you to create a united email and fax solution.

New! in Feature Pack 1

  • SAP Update - Increase fax functionality of SAP with a newly built integration, developed using the NetWeaver API, which is now officially certified by SAP.
  • New MFP integrations with Konica – A certified, interactive communication between Konica Minolta bEST and RightFax software that is integrated into the device.
  • Microsoft Lync – Include faxing as a part of Lync for a fully unified communications strategy.


RightFax 10.5 Performance and Scalability

  • Hierarchical Image File Storage - Each fax image is stored in its own individual sub-folder, dramtatically speeding up file I/O, facilitating consistent server performance over time.
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) for outbound faxes - RightFax now leverages MSMQ for scheduling and delivering outbound faxes, which efficiently processes high volumes of documents, and allows full scalability / utilization of RightFax licensed channels. 

New! in Feature Pack 1

  • Deeper Audit Trail – Fax annotations, fax forwards and routes are recorded as part of the fax history.
  • Windows 2008 failover clustering – Keeps your RightFax software online when a disruption occurs.

 RightFax 10.5 Administrative Control

  • Use EFM to manage cover sheets - Filter which cover sheets and library documents are available to different groups.
  • Whitelist file attachments - to enforce policy and reduce server overhead.
  • Access the health and status of the RightFax environment quickly with a new web-based dashboard that shows:
  • Server CPU & HD
  • Services
  • Local WorkServers
  • Work Requests
  • DocTransports
  • Channels

rightfax 10.5 dashboard

New! in Feature Pack 1

  • Web Service API – Developers can use HTTP and XML to build applications using any platform or language.
  • Seamlessly float FoIP channels – You can use licensed channels in both primary and failover scenarios in case of unexpected downtime or disaster.
  • Configure group archive control – Archive faxes based on actions such as send/receive/forward/route/delete, reducing server load and increasing flexibility - can generate XML files with metadata.
  • DTMF Whitelist – Manage incoming faxes and protect against spam.
  • Reports on system capacity – Determine when a system is at capacity or could benefit from more channels.
  • Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services - host RightFax applications or full desktop sessions and provide access to FaxUtil and Print-to-Fax applications.


RightFax 10.5 User Experience

  • Image Enhancements - RightFax now de-skews incoming fax images to help correct their orientation. In addition, images are de-noised to remove scan artifacts and transmission noise.
  • Improved User Interface - The overall look and feel of the RightFax FaxUtil, Web Client, and Enterprise Fax Manager have been redesigned and updated with new icons to provide a fresh look without changing the functionality to which users are accustomed. Each user can make their own customizable FaxUtil toolbar, making their work more efficient.
  • WebUtil Enhancements - Go anywhere with the RighFax Web Client, which sports improved usability. It supports both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, running on IE, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari. Also works on Apple iPads and iPhones.
  • Access real-time fax status - and approve faxes directly from within Microsoft Outlook 2010.

                              faxutil rightfax 10.5

New! in Feature Pack 1

  • Customizable FaxUtil toolbar - Each user can make their own customizable FaxUtil toolbar, making their work more efficient.
  • Access real-time fax status - and approve faxes directly from within Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • WebUtil now works on Apple Ipads and iPhones.
  • View FaxUtil file conversion whitelist –Users can see the accepted file types that can be converted on the whitelist, so time is not wasted sending non-convertible file types.
  • Configure delegates - Users of Web Client can now manage their delegate settings.

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