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Barcode Routing

Improve Efficiency with Barcode Routing

barcodelRightFax offers numerous routing methods to suit the unique needs of individual organizations. For some organizations, fax routing based on telephony resources is a suitable option. For others where fax document content is important for routing purposes, optical and bar code character recognition may be appropriate.

RightFax responds to the challenges of automated inbound fax routing by supporting 1 and 2 dimensional bar codes with its new Bar Code Routing (BCR) Module. The result is a lower TCO solution that streamlines the recognition and routing process. This drives up productivity and eliminates costly errors and bottlenecks.



  • Lowers Costs
    • Significantly less than other fee based telephony routing methods
    • One time cost versus monthly or annual fee
  • Increases Efficiency and Productivity
    • Provides reliable routing methods that eliminates errors associated with user-based manual routing
    • Initiates and increases workflow speed and other processing by automating fax routing
  • Enhances Security and Compliance
    • Provides seamless routing to users, groups or a shared network folder
    • Facilitates compliance with regulatory mandates

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