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RightFax Features & Benefits

RightFax is the single best fax server software solution for secure, electronic document delivery. It integrates with a wide range of business applications and has been proven to reliably handle any organization’s fax needs— whether it’s support for Fax-over-IP, integration with MFP's, desktop faxing, fax-from-email, or integration with ERP systems.

The latest release, RightFax 10.6, provides robust administrative capabilities that make it more efficient to deploy, upgrade, manage, and monitor the fax server. Some enhancements include:

  • Simplified installation setup, and licensing, as well as improved configuration and administration tools
  • Updated server and system support for better integration and interoperability
  • Improved reporting, auditing, and tracking for better delivery security and compliance

RightFax 10.6 Benefits

  • Reduces costs
  • Eases system management tasks for IT
  • Simplifies fax management interface for end users
  • Increases support for VoIP/FoIP fail over
  • Improves OCR performance

RightFax Installation and Licensing Enhancements

  • Single DVD installation, and option to install Administrative Utilities at setup
  • Enhanced setup options including: single setup step for RightFax service accounts, advanced database configuration page, Windows authentication defined at setup, and Port Reservations
  • Centralized Service Account Editor tool for service account configuration
  • New online product licensing replacing legacy 'bump' code

Reporting and Auditing Enhancements

  • Admins can now use MS SCOM to integrate to RightFax Alerting and Monitoring
  • New Enterprise Fax Reporter replaces legacy Fax Reporter program
  • Provides improved SQL query performance, a new interface, and new built-in reports

General Administrative Enhancements

  • RightFax 10.6 now fully supports Microsoft UAC
  • New RightFax SQL connection string editor provides a simple and convenient tool for modifying the SQL connection string and changing the database authentication method (i.e., Windows or SQL authentication) for all services and applications
  • FaxUtil fail-over in Shared Service environment means servers are joined to a server collective and can be configured to allow client fail-over

Client and Email Enhancements

  • Automatic fax aging improvements
  • Improvements to delegate groups
  • Drag and drop to create faxes and add fax attachments to outbound faxes in FaxUtil and the print-to-fax application
  • Email gateway notifications can include a copy of the outbound message
  • Improved language selection with Web access
  • New inbox searching and filtering in Web access

RightFax Server and Operating System Support

  • The following RightFax 32-bit client applications are supported on the x64 editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7: FaxUtil, RightFax fax printer (i.e., print-to-fax), Outlook integration, Enterprise Fax Manager, SOAP fax printer (i.e., Web-based print-to-fax), and Auto-Reply
  • User synchronization with Active Directory 2008 is available with the Sync Module
  • Certified for Windows 2008
  • Works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Supports VMware ESX server 3.0.1 or later
  • IPv6 support
  • RightFax 10.6 System Requirements

New Modules in RightFax 10.6

  • RightFax Vault: a scalable, efficient fax archiving module re-architected for higher performance
  • RightFax Encryption Module: encrypts all at-rest fax images with TripleDES 192-bit security

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