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Encryption Module for RightFax

Protect Your Confidential Communications

encrypt lockThe RightFax Encryption Module, made available in RightFax 10.6, provides additional security for fax images by encrypting all fax images stored in the RightFax Image Directory. “At rest” encryption means that even if someone gets access to your image directory, they will not have access to the information in your faxes. This added level of protection, while beneficial for almost any business, is necessary for all healthcare and financial organizations.

How does the RightFax Encryption Module work?

The RightFax Encryption Module prevents any and all unauthorized access to fax images in the RightFax Image Directory Structure.  It achieves this by:

  • Encrypting image files that are created for a fax (inbound or outbound)
  • Using a predefined key with Triple DES 192-bit security
  • Allowing only those with access to encrypted images (preventing even the RightFax administrator if necessary)
  • Providing a full audit trail to the owner of the fax (or anyone with delegate access)

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