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Shared Services

RightFax Fax Server Topology

RightFax is designed to be fault tolerant and redundant within its own multi-layer architecture to help mitigate system failures. These layers include:

  • Database Layer: users, groups and fax data reside in the database layer
  • Telco Interface: services within the RightFax fax server that manage fax boards and FoIP
  • Distribution Layer: distribution of the fax server application
  • Processing Services: document conversion services, altering services, print queues, etc.

Shared Services

In a shared services scenario, all RightFax application servers are processing documents. The RightFax system is installed on between two and four servers with all systems sharing a common set of databases via the RightFax Shared Services Module. Together, all of the systems sharing the databases are referred to as a “Collective.” During normal operations, all systems share in the processing of faxes including document conversion and fax send/receive. In the event of a failure of one of the systems in the Collective, the remaining systems can continue to process faxes.



  • RightFax shares its database of users, groups, printers and various services across a network where faxing services are required at a centralized or remote location. Centralized database resources do not need to be replicated across the enterprise.
  • Highly optimized for high-availability, similar to an active-active cluster.


  • Since only the databases are shared and not other resources such as telephony or user connections those resources will be either unavailable or must be manually switched to the working servers unless an Application traffic manager is utilized.
  • Servers in the Collective must be the same server type, version and maintenance levels with the same modules installed.
  • All systems in the Collective must be a RightFax Enterprise Server, an Enterprise Suite or a RightFax Enterprise Integration with the RightFax Shared Services Module installed.

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