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RightFax Integration For Sharp

Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity by Integrating RightFax Fax Capabilities with Sharp Digital Multifunction Products

RightFax integrates with Sharp Digital Imagers via the RightFax MFP Module to consolidate all faxing services on the network. Giving customers convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used daily for printing, scanning, and copying. RightFax is the Ideal solution for organizations that want to further leverage their Sharp MFPs for all their document development, duplication and distribution needs.


AR-M236 AR-M237 AR-M276 AR-M277 AR-M3S1N AR-M355N
MX-4501N MX-SSOON MX-6200N MX-7000N MX-MS50N MX-M620N
AR-M4SSN AR-M5S0N AR-M620M AR-M700N DM 35S1/4S51 MX-2300N
MX-S01N AR-M451N MX-M700N MX-2700N     


rightfax integration sharp



  • Centralized Management - Centralized administration tools allow administrators to setup, configure and manage fax services individually or globally.
  • Intelligent Least-cost Routing and IP Fax Delivery - Faxes can be delivered via alternate RightFax servers across corporate LANs, WANS, Intranets, or the Internet to ensure the most economical document delivery.
  • Intra-company Least-cost Routing - Companies can deliver internal faxes via the RightFax network of servers and by-pass public-switch telephone networks to eliminate phone charges.
  • Built-in E-mail Gateways - RightFax supports all SMTP Internet mail systems.
  • Automatic Fax Distribution - Faxes can be systemically distributed to groups for users for fast, efficient processing.


  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency - Allow users to print, scan, copy and fax from one device to save time and improve workflow process.
  • Centralized Control of Faxing - Move all fax resources to the network to provide one point control for hard copy and electronic faxing.
  • Simplified Fax Software Administration - Install and manage the RightFax server with a suite of easy-to-use administrative tools designed to automate routine tasks, troubleshoot problems, and monitor and report fax activity.
  • Improved Security - Keep confidential documents private by providing secure document delivery channels.
  • Scalable - Customers can start with a single server and then expand to more than 1,000 channels. Additionally capacity can be added to include desktop, email, CRM, ERP, document management and other essential business applications.

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