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Add-on Modules & Connectors

Filter below to discover the add-on modules and connectors for RightFax:

Searchable PDF Module
Archive Module
Encryption Module
IQ Fax Archive Connector
Secure FOIP
Connector for HP OXPd
Connector for Konica Minolta
Connector for Xerox
Connectors for Ricoh ESAs
XML Connector for MFPs
SMTP Connector for MFPs
Integration Module
XML Generator Module
Shared Services Module
SQL Image Storage Module
Microsoft Exchange Connector Module
PDF Module

RightFax Security Package

The Encryption Module

Prevent any and all unauthorized access to fax images by encrypting faxes at rest.

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Shared Services Module

Allow multiple servers to share a single common database and distribute workloads across the servers. Learn More

Secure FoIP Channels

Protect yourself from internal and external threats by encrypting faxes while in motion. 

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SQL Image Storage Module

Simplify your network environment and promote fax image high availability .

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Integrating RightFax with your MFPs

Organizations of every size integrate RightFax with MFP devices – whether it’s a single MFP or an entire global fleet of MFPs.

Click below to learn more about integrating RightFax with your MFP device or fleet:


Learn More About Cloud Fax Options

There are many ways to incorporate fax into your Cloud-first initiatives.

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