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Billing & Scheduling with RightFax

Accelerate Billing Workflows

Healthcare billing can be a friction filled experience for employees who often become overwhelmed with the ever-constant changing workflows and processes. When it comes to faxing, healthcare billing can be a major pain-point for physicians and back-office staff who need to leverage quick turnarounds for improved patient care and faster healthcare reimbursement.

For those who manage healthcare billing, RightFax can be a vital tool that allows them to quickly receive reimbursement for the treatment provided to patients with easy to use billing codes.

Billing codes may be used by the RightFax administrator to identify the sender, the recipient, or the content of documents. Billing codes do not normally appear in your documents but are stored with the document, allowing faxes to be annotated with billing codes for accounting purposes.

How it Works

RightFax allows users to specify up to two billing codes under “Accounting” to be used by the RightFax administrator to track more information about the fax content, such as account numbers. The names of the codes are customizable by the administrator and users can easily click “lookup” to view and select from a list of available codes, customizable for each organization’s needs.

Administrators can also restrict the ability to add any codes to these fields by only allowing the selection or input of valid codes.


By improving the quality and availability of healthcare billing documentation, healthcare organizations can increase staff productivity and satisfaction while simultaneously improving revenue cycles by providing claims information more quickly and accurately.

Scheduling Faxes with RightFax

If your organizations relies on fax, having the ability to schedule a fax and setting up a specific time for sending faxes is essential.

With RightFax, system administrators can configure the fax server to schedule outgoing faxes for transmission. It allows you to set a time and date and forget about that important fax you need to send during the weekend. If your organization does a lot of faxing, scheduling  faxes is a great way to improve your productivity and send documents to the intended recipient at the right time.

Time of Day Routing
Available in RightFax 16.6

RightFax now includes the ability to route faxes to a specific inbox or user based on a set time or range. This feature provides the flexibility to schedule large faxes after business hours, thus ensuring maximum channel availability during normal business hours while increasing document security.

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