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Building Secure Communications in Remote Work Environments

Learn how your organization can leverage RightFax to respond, recover, and thrive across an entire organization.

Optimizing Fax Workflows in a Remote Work Environment

Securing internal and external communications is more important than ever as organizations determine whether to implement the option of working from home on an as-needed basis or to permanently shift the majority of their employees to a remote work environment.

Supporting communications between workforces that are a mix of remote, office-based, and even mobile staff can be complicated, but it also represents a significant opportunity to rebuild workflows so that they are more efficient and resilient to the threats that impact business every day.

RightFax is the market-leading on-premise, hybrid, or cloud enterprise fax server solution that turns faxes into part of an electronic workflow, easily eliminating manual data entry errors through automated data importation all while improving information security.

It has everything you need for a seamless transition to virtual or hybrid work environments, including:


Education_Graduation_Cap_IconSecure Faxing

Encrypt faxes at-rest and in-flight for increased fax security.

Government_Building_IconIncreased Compliance

Decrease compliance risk for regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others.

Cloud Hosting Options

Modernize faxing and enable digital transformation.

Database_IconThird-Party Integrations

Integrate with back-end systems and applications to automate fax workflows.

MFP_IconMFP Integrations

Integrate MFP devices or a global MFP fleet with RightFax.

Government_Building_IconEnhanced Efficiency

Turn static, paper documents into dynamic content as part of a digital workflow.

Adapting to the New Normal

One of the biggest benefits that RightFax can offer for future growth is its flexibility to enable secure faxing for your entire remote, office-based, or mobile workforce by:


Easing the Load

Budgets and IT teams are strained under the weight of events no one saw coming. RightFax allows users to send faxes directly from their desktop computer or EMR, where they can also then immediately receive confirmation reports.


Connecting the Dots

RightFax integrates with a variety of third-party applications including Outlook, SAP®, Microsoft Active Directory®, leading electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) solutions, and other key tools to streamline workflows.


Helping you Rest Easy

High Availability/Disaster Recovery are available for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments to ensure your ability to send & receive documents is there when you need it.

Speak With A RightFax Expert.

By understanding your document-centric processes, we can provide your organization with comprehensive support that aligns with your digital transformation strategies.

RightFax 20.2 – Data Capture Workflows

For organizations looking towards the future growth of their document delivery workflows, the increased efficiency and reduced human error that RightFax offers can greatly contribute to the success of your digital transformation initiatives.

RightFax 20.2 can “read” faxes for you, extract information, ascertain what it is, and shunt it to the appropriate applications, locations and fields automatically, enabling your Workflows to thrive in virtually any work environment.


Workflow Exceptions

Accommodate unexpected errors, typos, and data


Resource Efficiency

Assign specific employees to
specific workflows

RightFax 20.2: Fax Workflows

Video Duration: 10:01


Data Capture

Easily transform fax information into transactional data


Fax Locking

Prevent more than one user from editing a fax at the same time

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Cloud Fax Expert. 

Worried about deploying onsite staff to switch your infrastructure over to an on-premise fax server? There’s a faster, easier option. Digital fax is available via the secure cloud—no onsite resources required.

White_Cloud_Icon RightFax Hosted in the Cloud


Enhance Efficiency

Streamline server management and increase the agility and efficiency of your document delivery workflows.


Maintain Existing Integrations

With many well-known integrations, cloud-hosted RightFax can provide streamlined document delivery for your back-office applications.


Simplify Telephony

Eliminate on-premise telephony and transmit faxes via one of our certified T.38 cloud fax providers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Citrix and remote users leverage our RightFax solution?

Yes, RightFax is licensed for unlimited users and is Citrix compatible.

  • Browser-based access included with RightFax FaxUtil Web & Web Admin
  • FaxUtil is Citrix and VDI ready
    • RightFax 16EP6 supports the following virtualization environments:
      • Microsoft Hyper-V
      • VMware ESX 3.01. or later.
      • VMware vSphere 4.0 and later (includes support for VMotion)
      • Citrix Xen Server 6.2 or later
  • Scan documents into RightFax from personal MFPs
  • Leverage your organization’s VPN to access RightFax
    • RightFax supports a number of secure communication protocols, including VPN, IPSec, TLS/SSL, and HTTPS to protect customer data in transit.

Can I quickly increase capacity to deal with the additional demand on my RightFax infrastructure due to a sharp increase in fax traffic?

Yes, if you have the telco capacity, you can add additional RightFax channels or we can work with you to get additional telco capacity from our provider in less than 24 hours.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about the most common COVID-19 RightFax topics below:

Can RightFax be accessed remotely?

Yes, your users can leverage your organization’s VPN to access RightFax as well as utilizing FaxUtil Web and Web Admin for browser-based access.

Can we use Citrix with RightFax?

Yes, RightFax is Citrix and VDI compatible.

Why is RightFax returning Busy Signals?

Your RightFax system will return a busy signal whenever all document delivery channels are in use. With the recent trend of home workers, many customers are experiencing an unexpected increase in fax traffic, especially during peak transmission periods.

Advantage is prioritizing critical channel additions so you can meet the demands for your current traffic.

Can telecommuters use RightFax?
Yes, RightFax offers browser-based access with RightFax FaxUtil Web and Web Admin as well as allowing individuals to connect their personal MFPs with RightFax.
Is there any cost to add users to RightFax?
No, you can add as many users as necessary to RightFax at no additional cost.
How do I access the RightFax Resource center?

Login or Register for the RightFax Resource to access hundreds of RightFax articles including user and admin guides, training videos, webinars, and more.


Do you have a resource page for Admin and User guides?

Yes, you can access our RightFax Resource Center that features exclusive RightFax information including admin and user guides, training videos, and more for an expert view into your RightFax system.


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