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Deployment Options

Learn how the best criteria for choosing a deployment model and then find the best deployment model for you.

Choosing a Fax Solution Deployment Model

Establish your Criteria 

Many organizations are beginning to choose IT solutions based on their preferred method of deployment. Some organizations want all IT systems to reside on-premises. Others are beginning to outsource non-critical applications/functions while keeping business-critical systems on-premises. And more and more, organizations are seeking to outsource as many IT applications as possible. Hybrid solutions are an increasingly popular alternative, in which part of a software system resides on-premises with some components outsourced for efficiency.

When researching fax solutions, it is important to consider the method of deployment. There are four basic models for deploying fax solutions: on-premises, hybrid, managed/hosted and cloud (also called Software as a Service or SaaS). Your existing environment and your business requirements will determine which model is the best fit for your organization.

Fax Solution Deployment Options

Understanding the Options


On-premises fax solutions—fax servers—require light-to-heavy IT management, depending on the particular solution and amount of faxing done by the organization. The on-premises model requires purchase and management of servers, software and requisite telephony infrastructure.

The key strength of on-premises solutions is the ability to integrate with existing software applications and multi-function printers (MFPs). Advanced on-premises solutions support configurations for high availability, including virtualization and redundancy.

One option with on-premises solutions is a fax appliance that includes the necessary hardware (server, network and telephone connections) and fax server software in an “all-in-one” plug-and-play configuration.



Managed fax solutions move deployment of a dedicated fax server from on-premises to a service provider’s data center. The software is the same and feature sets are similar to on-premises solutions. Some features, such as integrations, can be more complex to implement, but typically remain available.

The strength of managed/hosted solutions is that the service provider manages the IT infrastructure in its data centers, while keeping your data isolated and protected.


In hybrid deployments, a portion of the software resides at your site, on-premises, and a portion is provided as a service in the cloud. Where the division occurs can vary from vendor to vendor.

The key strength of hybrid solutions is that the service portion typically includes the connection to the telephone network. It simplifies the environment and relieves your IT staff from having responsibility over one of the most complex and confusing aspects of deploying fax solutions.

Because some of the software is residing on-premises, integration with MFPs and other software applications is typically similar to an on-premises solution.



The cloud model is a pure service deployment model, no fax software, hardware or telephony is required to reside at your site. Faxes are sent and received via email. Outbound faxes are sent to a specially formatted email address that contains the recipient’s fax number and inbound faxes arrive at the service provider and routed into the specified recipient’s email inbox or to an FTP folder in production fax environments.

The strength of pure service solutions is that the service provider manages all of the infrastructure. Your IT staff can manage users, configurations and fax numbers via a browser-based interface from the service provider.

Because no fax software resides at your site, integration with MFPs and other software applications is typically achieved via SMTP (email) or web service APIs.

Getting Started

Working with Advantage Solutions

Advantage offers a wide range of fax solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Let us help you choose the best solution:

On-Premise Solutions

RightFax offers an on-premises fax solution for large enterprises and mid-sized companies with strong integration requirements and high fax traffic. RightFax is ideal for organizations seeking a long-term, strategic fax solution with the IT resources to support more complex deployments. RightFax, the market-leading network fax server solution, automates time-intensive manual, paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems.


Hosted Solutions

Hosted RightFax is a managed, hosted fax service that offers all the robust features, individual configuration and integration of RightFax. Hosted RightFax frees up your internal assets to focus on core business objectives, eliminate on-premises fax server complexity, and fill gaps in internal expertise.

It combines the technology of RightFax—the most trusted fax server for secure information exchange—with the experts at Advantage to implement, manage, and monitor your RightFax implementation.

Your dedicated RightFax server instance runs in a secure data center and ensures you retain full ownership and control over your data and where it resides.


Hybrid Solutions

OpenText™ RightFax™ Connect is a cloud service that eliminates the need for fax channels and telephone lines for RightFax implementations. RightFax with RightFax Connect is a hybrid fax solution with outsourced telephony. This is the perfect option for organizations that need the enterprise-class capabilities of RightFax and want to remove the complexity of integrating their telephone network with their fax server software.

Fax-as-a-Service solutions

OpenText™ Fax2Mail™ is a cloud fax service for organizations seeking a rapid and cost-effective deployment. OpenText cloud fax services eliminates the cost, complexity and hardware and software associated with supporting fax machines, servers and telephony.


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