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RightFax for Healthcare

The market-leading fax solution for healthcare, RightFax provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility to securely distribute virtually any document from any application.

RightFax has a well-known, native integration with most popular EMR systems including:

Integrating RightFax in your Healthcare Workflows

Learn how the flexible integrations of RightFax can enhance your workflows:

Government_Building_IconScheduling / Billing

Speed up scheduling and billing processes for your front office.

Government_Building_IconStreamline Workflows

Automate document delivery to various end users and departments.

Cloud Hosted

Leverage secure cloud faxing to increase IT agility and efficiency.

Database_IconAdd-on Modules

Configure RightFax to meet the needs of your organization, both great and small.

MFP_IconMFP Integrations

Integrate your MFP devices or global MFP fleet with RightFax.

Education_Graduation_Cap_IconSecurity & Compliance

Manage confidential information in a secure, reliable, and electronic format.

Security & Compliance

Lower the Risk of Data Breaches

With the recent rise of cybersecurity attacks, healthcare organizations know the importance of protecting against data breaches related to PHI. This means developing HIPAA compliance strategies and implementing security measures to avoid the costly disruptions and damages that can be caused by breaches.


Secure Faxing Solution

Fax confidential data such as medical records, prescriptions, and letters


Additional Security Options

Implement additional high availability and fax encryption options

RightFax 20.2 – Security & Compliance

Video Duration: 00:44


Full Audit Trails

Complete audit trails of all document access and system activity


Reduced Risk of Fines

Support compliance efforts through secure document delivery

Speak With A

Cloud Fax Expert. 

There are many considerations to make when implementing a cloud-based faxing solution. Let us help you navigate all of the different options and ensure that you receive the best possible solution.

White_Cloud_Icon RightFax Hosted in the Cloud


Leverage Existing RightFax Licenses

RightFax can be installed in either your private cloud or our public cloud.


Maintain Existing Integrations

With many well-known integrations, Cloud-hosted RightFax can easily provide streamlined document delivery for your back-office applications.


Simplify Telephony

Eliminate on premise telephony and transmit faxes via one of our certified T.38 cloud fax providers.

HIPAA Compliance & RightFax

RightFax enforces HIPAA and privacy security policies by centralizing services, enabling healthcare staff to send and receive faxes confidentially from email and other desktop, EMR, Ancillary, and back-office applications.

RightFax Support


Ticket Escalation

Product experts will quickly and efficiently resolve or escalate even your most complex technical problems, ensuring prompt resolution of your system issues.

Free Fax Workflow Audit

Meet with a fax workflow expert and learn how you can enhance the automation of routed transactional documents.

Troubleshooting Assistance

Our team will work with you to address potential issues and ensure that they are resolved before resulting in any further downtime or stress.

Speak With A RightFax Expert.

By understanding your document-centric processes, we can provide your organization with comprehensive support that aligns with your digital transformation strategies.

How RightFax is Streamlining Healthcare Workflows

RightFax is the vital bridge between the customer’s paper and digital processes as well as a platform for maintaining critical, HIPAA compliant communications between all parties, even hospitals not on the same EHR system.

Mouseover to learn more about how RightFax can streamline your healthcare workflows:

Patient Care

Billing / Scheduling


Leverage the powerful flexibility of RightFax to integrate with a variety of health systems,
allowing your team to focus on their core responsibilities

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