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Hosting RightFax in AWS or Azure

As an increasing number of organizations pursue strategies to move their fax processes to the cloud it is important to know what to expect from a RightFax server hosted in the public cloud.


RightFax System Architecture in the Cloud

RightFax can be fully hosted in AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud while maintaining all existing integrations. With this configuration, faxes can be sent and received via email, web clients, MFPs, or even workflow applications. Native RightFax integrations and functionality are easily forklifted up to the cloud, allowing organizations to maintain all existing workflows and capabilities. You may need to leverage an Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) to establish a connection to the PSTN.


Hosting RightFax in the Cloud

The system requirements for RightFax don’t change when its hosted with a public cloud provider. However, when you host in the cloud, there are additional considerations that are critical to the success of a cloud migration:

Security Requirements

Encryption of Data & Communications

Active Directory Authentication

Compliance with Industry Regulations

Infrastructure Requirements

Hosted Virtual Machine

Site-to-Site VPN

Cloud-based SQL Instance

Cloud-based SBC or Virtual Fax Gateway

Remember, while there may not be significant requirements to migrating your RightFax system to the cloud, ensuring optimal connectivity via a VPN is critical to maintaining your existing integrations and workflows.

How RightFax Can Fit Into Your Cloud Faxing Strategies

In this video, learn how RightFax can fit into your cloud faxing strategies as well as the key differences between software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service.

RightFax Cloud Telephony

When it comes to migrating an on-premise RightFax application to the cloud, implementing telephony is by far the most complicated consideration. There are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself:


Most Tier 1 carriers terminate traditional MPLS SIP Trunks to major cloud providers, but are they optimized for T.38 fax?


Do you want to use a dedicated Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) for fax traffic?

ITSP Providers

ITSP providers can help organizations lower their operating expenses by allowing them to remove costly PSTN connections, including analog lines and T1 / PRI / TDM circuits that have been traditionally reserved exclusively for fax. At Advantage, we can help ensure that your fax traffic can be easily routed over an organizations existing IP network through a cloud fax service provider such as AWS or Azure which will then deliver the fax over the PSTN. Organizations planning for a migration to the cloud will appreciate the flexibility and common features present in most T.38 providers, including:

Support encrypted tunnel securing your fax traffic once faxes leave your network

Telephony Networks optimized for T.38 Fax

Does not require dedicated circuit

Charge by number of concurrent sessions available and call minutes

Run over existing internet connection

For successful migration of your existing RightFax system to the cloud, we recommend leveraging an Advantage certified T.38 cloud telephony partner that allows for full virtualization, without the need for on-premise fax gateways. Choosing an Advantage ITSP partner means you can continue to leverage your Advantage support plan to resolve any potential issues.

Advantage certified ITSP partners:


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