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Hosting RightFax in the Cloud

The market-leading fax solution, RightFax features state-of-the-art cloud options, providing your organization with powerful document delivery security and unmatched reliability.

How RightFax Fits with your Cloud Faxing Strategies

Many organizations are adopting a cloud-first strategy for their IT systems, including fax, in hopes of reducing administrative overhead. However, it quickly becomes obvious that maintaining existing hardware and software integrations while moving to a pure cloud fax solution can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

By hosting RightFax in the public cloud and removing complex on-premise telephony, organizations are able to maintain their existing integrations, achieve their cloud-first goals and simplify their overall IT infrastructure.

Planning for Deployment

We’ve broken down the key considerations you should be plan for when migrating your fax infrastructure to the cloud.

Click through the 9 steps for success.

1. Audit your Fax Workflows

Reach out to your Account Manager to schedule an audit of your fax workflows. Some areas that require special consideration would be if your workflows include:

  • Print to Fax Capabilities
  • Custom-built Application Integrations
  • Advanced Routing and Delivery Options
  • Managing Faxes with a Thick Client
2. Review the Current Infrastructure

When planning for the migration any system to the cloud, its important to understand your vendors’ capabilities and how that will affect your decision making.

  • Is your organization currently using a cloud platform?
  • Does your current telephony provider integrate with that platform?
  • Are your fax numbers portable or will you need to provision new numbers?
3. Considering your End Users

Before moving your on-premise RightFax system to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or the Google Cloud Platform, consider the following:

  • What is your timeline for migration?
  • How will you be rolling-out new client software?
  • Will there be any re-training for existing staff?
4. Requirements for Migrating or Installing RightFax in the Cloud

While the system requirements for RightFax don’t change when you host in the cloud, there are additional considerations.

  • Hosted Virtual Machine
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Cloud-based SQL Instance
  • Cloud-based SBC or Virtual Fax Gateway
5. Security Requirements

Migrating traditional on-premise solutions to the cloud may introduce new opportunities for enhancing security.

  • Encryption of Data & Communications
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Compliance with Industry Regulations
6. Telephony Considerations

Telephony is by far the most complicated consideration when migrating on-premise RightFax to a public cloud provider.

  • Do you want to be pushed into a cloud provider based on your current telephony provider?
    • Most major carriers do terminate traditional MPLS SIP Trunks to the major cloud providers
  • Do you want to use a separate Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) for fax traffic?
7. Installing an Upgraded RightFax Infrastructure

Once you have made all of the necessary considerations, the next step is to begin installing the upgraded RightFax Infrastructure. 

  • Provision VM & Infrastructure
  • Install & Configure RightFax
  • Initial Data Migration
8. Telephony & System Testing

Testing is a critical step once everything has been installed. This ensures that any failure points are found and addressed by focussing on:

  • Validating all integrations 
  • User acceptance testing
  • Load testing to identify any weak points
9. Cut Over & Go Live

The final step in deploying migrating your fax infrastructure to the cloud is making sure all contact data has been transferred and the users notified. The specific processes in this step are:

  • Port all numbers over to the new fax system in the cloud.
  • Update the client configuration for use with the new server
  • Notify users of the upcoming or ongoing migration


RightFax in the Cloud


Uses Managed Infrastructure

A robust infrastructure, built on industry standard best practices, provides a simplified platform for hosting RightFax services while maintaining existing application integrations.


Enhances Redundancy

Leverage geographically dispersed data centers and additional points-of-presence around the globe.


Reduces Administrative Overhead

System administrators can reduce time spent managing the underlying infrastructure so they can focus on application stability.


Cost Effective and Effiecient

Helps protect your organization’s bottom line by utilizing a price-per-minute model for the Real Time transimission of faxes. 

Speak With An IaaS RightFax Expert.

By understanding your document-centric processes, we can explain the many benefits Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides when it comes to hosting RightFax.

ITSP Providers

ITSP providers can help organizations lower their operating expenses by allowing them to remove costly PSTN connections, including analog lines and T1 / PRI / TDM circuits that have been traditionally reserved exclusively for fax. At Advantage, we can help ensure that your fax traffic can be easily routed over an organizations existing IP network through a cloud fax service provider such as AWS or Azure which will then deliver the fax over the PSTN. Organizations planning for a migration to the cloud will appreciate the flexibility and common features present in most T.38 providers, including:

Telephony Networks optimized for T.38 Fax

Does not require dedicated circuit

Run over existing internet connection

Charge by number of concurrent sessions available and call minutes

Support encrypted tunnel securing your fax traffic once faxes leave your network

For successful migration of your existing RightFax system to the cloud, we recommend leveraging an Advantage certified T.38 cloud telephony partner that allows for full virtualization, without the need for on-premise fax gatewaysChoosing an Advantage ITSP partner means you can continue to leverage your Advantage support plan to resolve any potential issues.

Advantage certified ITSP partners and their specific features:


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