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Inbound vs. Outbound Routing

Learn how Advantage can configure your RightFax system to accurately and securely transmit faxed documents to the appropriate recipients or departments.

Inbound Fax Routing

Configuring Efficient Inbound Workflows

Inbound Fax Routing

Configuring Efficient Inbound Workflows

There are multiple ways Advantage can configure your RightFax system to deliver faxes to the right users, including by Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Bar Codes and Dual-tone Multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) routing. The most common way is to use a portion of the dialed fax number or DID. RightFax users are assigned a Routing Code that is used to match the number provided by the phone system along with the received fax.

About DID Routing
Once a portion of the DID is matched to a user’s routing code, the user’s preferences are considered for the final delivery location and the file format of the fax.

Possible delivery locations include: Fax Mailbox, Email Inbox or a Network Directory. Faxes can be delivered as a TIFF, GIF or PDF.

Understanding Smart Fax Distribution
RightFax groups can be configured so that received faxes that match the Group Routing Code are distributed to members of the group based in either a round-robin or load-balancing rule set.

RightFax uses the user’s preferences to determine the final delivery location and file format.

Outbound Routing Options

Secure Outbound Fax Delivery

When you choose Advantage as your partner to integrate RightFax with email, desktop applications, and MFPs, we can help you securely send faxes with custom integration options allowing for nearly limitless RightFax integration opportunities:


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