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MFP Connectors

How RightFax Integrates with your MFPs

Organizations of every size can integrate RightFax with MFP devices – whether it’s a single MFP or an entire global fleet of MFPs.

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RightFax and your MFP Workflows

RightFax features fully-functioning, efficient MFP integrations that allows organizations to:

Improve Productivity
Fax from the same device used to print, scan, and copy

Centralize Administration
Setup, configure, or manage fax MFP services individually or globally

Enable Faster Processing
Extend workflow agility and efficient fax routing

Support Fleet Integration
Consolidate MFPs with universal and native connectors

Enhance Security
Secure document delivery channels with fax encryption options

Reduce Cost
Consolidate phone lines and eliminate paper and other consumables


Add-on Modules

Filter below to discover our collection of add-on modules, including RightFax MFP documentation:

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Searchable PDF Module
Archive Module
Encryption Module
IQ Fax Archive Connector
Secure FOIP
Connector for HP OXPd
Connector for Konica Minolta
Connector for Xerox
Connectors for Ricoh ESAs
XML Connector for MFPs
SMTP Connector for MFPs
Integration Module
XML Generator Module
Shared Services Module
SQL Image Storage Module
Microsoft Exchange Connector Module
PDF Module

MFP Fleet Integration


Universal & Native Connectors

Integrate your MFP fleet with personalized or universal connectors that feature built-in security, history and audit trail capabilities


Improve ROI

Reduce your total capital expenditure by avoiding having to pay for embedded MFP fax kits when purchasing new MFPs

Single Channel

Integrate multiple MFP devices to a single fax server or cloud fax service for centralized document delivery

Speak with an MFP Fax Expert.

Learn more about how RightFax can extend the capabilities of your MFP devices to securely transmit business-critical documents.

Simplify MFP Support

Purchasing RightFax MFP Connectors from the MFP vendor might seem like a good idea – streamlining the ordering process. However, purchasing connectors from vendors who are not your RightFax ASP Partner can cause confusion.

  • Who will install your connectors and ensure that they do not adversely impact your production environment?
  • Will you need more channels to service the additional fax volume that will be generated by these MFPs?
  • Who do you call if you have a problem with sending faxes from your MFPs?

As your trusted partner for RightFax, we’ve taken the time to learn all the details of your RightFax infrastructure and know what is crucial for the reliability and success of your business.

Remember to leverage Advantage as your primary source for RightFax software, and that we are your RightFax support partner – the single point of contact for all of your RightFax questions and issues.

We promise to play nice with your MFP vendors.

MFP Integration

Easy NX Connect for RightFax

The Easy NX Connect for RightFax integration allows organizations to quickly fax documents directly from their Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner

Send documents via fax and email while tracking the chain of custody of workflow critical documents.

Secures and centralizes faxing for both senders and recipients while reducing the need for IT assistance.

Eliminates analog phone lines that are increasingly expensive and hard to maintain.

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