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Fax Enable Your MFPs with RightFax

With native connectors and API connectivity for virtually any MFP within your organization, RightFax equips every device with advanced fax capabilities. 

Konica Minolta

MFP Connectors for RightFax

Secure, Convenient, and Efficient Document Transmission

Whether you organization deploys 10 multi-function printers (MFPs) or 1,000 throughout a global network, we understand the crucial role they play within your document workflows. Without advanced fax capabilities or reliable integrations to your business applications, you may not be getting the most out of your investment.

With over 25 years of experience working with MFPs, the experts at Advantage Technologies can not only configure RightFax to fit you entire MFP fleet, we can recommend solutions to improve document exchanges at every level of your organization.

If your organization deals with a high-volume of fax communications transmitted through your MFPs and you would like to improve productivity, reduce paper-related costs, and increase document security, then RightFax is the solution for you.

Benefits of MFP Connectors

Transform Your MFPs into Advanced Fax Workstations

By partnering with Advantage to configure the native and universal MFP connectors available with RightFax, your entire fleet of devices can serve as critical nodes in your documentation workflows by communicating directly with the most important applications and processes in your organization.

Plus, your organization can gain significant benefits by using RightFax to integrate network faxing capabilities, including:

  • Cost control
    Consolidates resources and eliminates the need for multiple standalone fax machines, modems, phone lines and supplies by centralizing Fax Server Services at MFPs from HP, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Xerox.
  • Optimize IT infrastructure investments
    Optimizes IT infrastructure investments through customized integrations as well as email, document management, workflow and other applications to make a more efficient, connected work environment.
  • Simplified deployment and management
    Centralizes document development, duplication and delivery functions on an integrated networked solution using the MFP Module and network-enabled devices.

Working with Advantage

25+ Years of MFP Experience

For organizations looking for a partner that can support an existing or new fleet of MFPs, Advantage can help. We have been providing critical support and professional services to organizations that utilize MFPs and fax solutions, such as RightFax, for over 25 years.

We can configure native, universal, or API connectors for RightFax for virtually any MFP, including: 

Security and Compliance

Reduce the risk of sensitive information being exposed or lost while increasing overall security in transit with the power of RightFax integrations and digital fax transmissions

Optimized Workflows

Accelerate your document transfer workflows and eliminate paper-based processes for more streamlined and secure document transmission from any connected MFP device

Unmatched Compatibility

Ensure your current and future investments are RightFax enabled with native connectors and API-based integrations for virtually any modern MFP device

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