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RightFax Solution Overview

Available in cloud, on-premises, hybrid and managed services deployments, OpenText digital fax solutions integrate with Epic to create a simple and secure digital fax solution.

How can organizations share both electronic and paper records in an efficient and secure manner between disparate systems?

OpenText is the most used and trusted electronic fax solution in healthcare. Recognized by KLAS Research as the leader with Highest Helpfulness in Executing Strategy and High Customer Adoption of Advanced Capabilities1, OpenText has the most digital fax integrations in the healthcare industry, to optimize how healthcare organizations send, receive, and manage digital faxes to increase the security and compliance of patient information exchange, improve operational efficiency and increase patient care.

Simplify faxing with OpenText for Epic

Send faxes directly from Epic within seconds. Automate delivery, receipt, and tracking of sent and received patient information.

Improve productivity and security

With the highest levels of security to protect PHI, healthcare organizations can fax-enable Epic applications to maximize clinical and administrative productivity by faxing without leaving Epic.

Reduce costs

Lower the cost of paper, toner, file storage, fax machines and fax machine maintenance. Accelerate scheduling, follow up and claims processing.

Enterprise-grade quality and reliability

Unmatched reliability with enterprise-grade business continuity, scalability, and ease of use for IT staff and end users. Numerous built-in fail-safes that protect faxes from being lost, delayed or accidentally deleted.

“All of our hospitals and equipment are now on Epic. We have one of the largest implementations of Epic and RightFax is a vital part of that solution.”

Teddy Halidy
Systems Engineer, Sutter Health

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“While there are a plethora of faxing vendors on the market, we chose OpenText because it is best-in-class for integrations, scalability and value. OpenText provided a level of integration into our Epic and NextGen EHR systems that we simply couldn’t get with other fax vendor offerings.”
Paul Matthews
Chief Technology Officer, OCHIN

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OpenText Digital Fax Solutions

OpenText operates the world’s largest cloud fax network with over 3 billion faxes exchanged annually and is the only enterprise-grade fax solution provider offering cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and fax managed services options to meet both today and future secure information exchange requirements.

It enables tight integrations with the leading ERP, EMR, DM solutions, with tools to integrate with any vertical and enterprise application customizable to accommodate fax-dependent business process to streamline workflows.

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And with the largest network of scan-to-fax partnerships in the industry, OpenText provides a stress-free way to integrate MFP devices for fast and easy faxing.


RightFax simplifies and automates time-intensive, manual and paper-driven processes by integrating with your desktop, email and business applications, saving you time and money by redefining and modernizing secure fax to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and accelerate time to revenue.


Fax2Mail moves digital faxing to the cloud to simplify your environment and reduce cost and complexity with no hardware, software or fax telephony to manage. By simplifying and integrating fax, Fax2Mail saves you time and money to improve efficiency and automate faxing


RightFax Healthcare Direct is the first fax software solution to combine fax and Direct messaging in a single solution by sending Direct messages whenever possible and faxing only when necessary.

This innovative solution leverages existing fax infrastructure to create a connected community where outbound faxes convert to secure, interoperable exchanges.

It also provides community partners the tools they need to receive and send interoperable content to all providers in the national network. A connected community also ensures that inbound documents are sent securely, further reducing inbound fax.


OpenText™ RightFax™ Connect makes it fast and easy to fax with OpenText™ RightFax™ because it eliminates the need for on-site fax telephony components.

A hybrid solution consisting of RightFax and the OpenText Cloud, RightFax Connect moves fax transmissions to the cloud. With RightFax Connect, all users need is an internet connection to securely transmit faxes to and from the RightFax server.

Moving fax traffic to the cloud not only eliminates all on-site telephony components for fax transmissions, but also the troubleshooting, maintenance, headaches and costs of these components.

RightFax Connect simplifies the environment so that valuable IT, system administrators, system architects and telecommunications personnel are free to work on other strategic initiatives within the organization.


Whether companies are looking to modernize or consolidate faxing, improve integration to ERP, EMR or any enterprise application, RightFax Managed Services provides the extension to an IT team to champion such initiatives.

When organizations rely on fax to fuel their business processes and workflows, the experts at OpenText can manage their entire RightFax infrastructure, develop and maintain complex integrations and upgrades, while providing high availability and disaster recovery for RightFax.

RightFax Managed Services allows companies to focus on core business activities and let the experts at OpenText manage RightFax.

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