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Improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize business processes


Business systems (EMR, ERP, ECM) produce and consume documents that need to be securely delivered to specific recipients while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Successful organizations understand this and are adopting robust information flows to optimize their processes and increase the speed and security of their business. However, without the right tools, process optimization can potentially fail to deliver optimum results.

Fax is a principal component of content-centric workflows. OpenText™ RightFax™ offers a powerful, enterprise-grade digital fax solution that integrates with the enterprise applications that drive business processes to maximize productivity, reduce risk, and decrease costs.

For almost 40 years, RightFax has been the most flexible and configurable fax server available, with advanced security, unmatched reliability, and integration and automation capabilities that make it the most trusted choice for enterprises worldwide.

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Increase user and workflow productivity

RightFax integrates with email and desktop applications for fast and easy electronic faxing in users’ familiar environments.

Support digital transformation and modernization initiatives

RightFax helps transform fax-dependent workflows, especially those related to interactions with customers and other stakeholders, to eliminate inefficiencies, drive competitive differentiation, and improve bottom-line results.

Reduce Costs

By digitizing manual, paper-based information exchange, organizations can reduce errors and the costs to resolve them and enable digital, paperless faxing to maximize productivity.

Ensure compliance

With RightFax, organizations can comply with customer, industry and data privacy mandates and improve security and auditability of messaging and information access.

Decrease time to revenue and increase customer satisfaction

Consistent, reliable and secure fax communications increase the speed of transactions to improve customer satisfaction. Organizations can integrate with enterprise applications and automate paper-based, manual fax processes to shorten business cycles.

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By digitizing manual, paper-based information exchange, organizations can reduce. >>>

Enhance Workflow Efficiency with RightFax

RightFax integrates with email, desktop, and back-end systems to simplify the secure exchange of faxed documents. Users can also use mobile devices and web-based portals for anytime, anywhere access to faxing.

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    • Increases productivity by integrating with email and desktop applications
    • Eliminates inefficiencies, drives competitive differentiation and improves the bottom line
    • Reduces costs and maximizes productivity by digitizing manual, paper-based information exchange
    • Ensures compliance with customer, industry, and data privacy mandates
    OpenText RightFax Features

    Integrated Analytics

    Delivers rich, visual representation of key metrics, such as volume, system performance, and channel utilization

    Flexible Deployment Options

    Is the only fax server with enterprise-grade, on-premises, hybrid, and managed services deployments

    Desktop Print-to-Fax

    Sends faxes from any application, including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®

    Back-office integrations

    Includes deepest integrations with ERP, EIM, EMR, CRM, and legacy systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft® SharePoint

    MFP scan and send

    Provides pre-built connectors to Fujitsu®, Ricoh®, Xerox®, Konica Minolta®, and Hewlett Packard® devices or any MFP via the Universal Integration method

    Send and receive from any email system

    Provides pre-built connectors to Microsoft® Exchange, IBM® Notes®, and integrates with any email application

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