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The No. 1 Fax Server and Automated Electronic Document Delivery Solution

Enterprise Fax Server

 Enterprise Faxing

What is OpenText RightFax?

RightFax is the market-leading on-premise, hybrid or cloud enterprise fax server solution. As an automated electronic document delivery system, RightFax integrates with most desktop and business applications to maximize employee productivity, improve information security, decrease paper-related costs and security risks associated with stand-alone fax machines.

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EMR / EHR Integrations
Securely transmit faxes directly from virtually any EMR system.

Email Integrations
Easily send and receive faxes within familiar email clients.

Security & Compliance
Encrypt faxes at-rest and in-flight for increased  document security.

Full Audit Trail 
Track document access in real-time to ensure regulatory compliance.

Thousands of organizations depend on RightFax to provide robust configurability and flexible integrations that centralize their fax infrastructure, speed up their business processes and increase security of their fax transmissions.

The Market-leading Enterprise Fax Server Solution

The premiere enterprise fax server solution with over 100,000 installations worldwide.

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Enterprise Faxing

How does RightFax work?

The RightFax fax server operates similarly to an email server.
It allows you to:

Send and receive documents electronically, eliminating the need for costly, stand-alone fax machines.

Securely sends and receives documents from a variety of sources via the cloud or telephone connections.

Fax from multi-function printers (MFPs), desktop applications, email applications, any third-party application such as Office 365 or a CRM system.

Deliver medical records, PHI and secure patient information by integrating RightFax with your EMR / EHR.

Enterprise Faxing

What can RightFax do?

RightFax Enterprise Fax Server offers the latest enhancements in document delivery technology to seamlessly incorporate fax into all existing office hardware and applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, and SAP; MFP/MFD devices; IP-based phone systems; EMRs and other back office applications. RightFax offers:

Streamline Worklows

With RightFax, there’s no need for time-consuming manual faxing and you get instant verification of document transmission. Streamline internal fax workflows with benefits including:

Centralized control of faxing

Fax from virtually any third-party application

Full audit trail with notification options

Cloud & Hybrid Options

RightFax is continuously innovating from the standard on-premise server by including various cloud offerings that allow users to send and receive faxes in real time via the internet. Offerings include:

RightFax Hosted in the Cloud

Hybrid Deployment

Cloud Deployment

Improved Security & Compliance

Eliminate errors commonly associated with manual processes, delivering encrypted files via secure email to fax with certified delivery, and integrating vertical applications for increased privacy.


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