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What’s New in RightFax 16.6?

As an automated electronic document delivery system, RightFax 16.6 empowers your organization to leverage powerful document automation to improve employee productivity.


Host: Jeff Kunstler – Vice President of Technical Services
Video Duration: 22:37

Enhanced Automation
Automate transmission of documents to the correct folder or location

Improved Workflows
Automate transitional business processes in complex workflows


Security & Compliance
Maintain compliance with certified or encrypted delivery


Simplified Auditing
Comprehensive audit trails of all system activity and document access

Thousands of organizations depend on RightFax to provide robust configurability and flexible integrations that centralize their fax infrastructure, speed up their business processes and increase security of their fax transmissions.

Features & Functionality

Product Enhancements


FaxUtil Enhancements

Users can upload an avatar image to represent their user profile while visual history records provide a quick and simple way to conduct fax audits.


High Resolution Fax

Allows organizations to send complex documents with many fields such as clinical admissions forms at 400 x 400 resolution.


Shared MSMQ

As of RightFax 16.6, a shared MSMQ is no longer a requirement as MSMQ will be local. All RightFax metadata is now stored within SQL Server.

Speak With A RightFax Expert.

Our team of certified RightFax engineers is committed to delivering exceptional service and support for all of your RightFax needs.

Features & Functionality

Security & Compliance

RightFax 16.6 has proved to be a vital bridge between the paper and digital worlds as well as a platform for maintaining critical, secure communications between organizations.

Secure Active Directory User Sync

RightFax Synchronization module has been modified to support TLS and certificate based communication to LDAP sources

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Secure FoIP

Secure FoIP Channels encrypt faxes while traveling across your network, ensuring that no listeners can intercept in-flight documents.

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JITC Compliant /
GSA Vendor

RightFax 16.6 provides compliance with US Department of Defense interoperability and security standards with JITC certification

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Leverage RightFax 16.6 as an essential part of your regulatory compliance regime to provide a centralized communications hub that helps restrict access to confidential information.

Engage A Fax Workflow Expert. 

Eliminate inefficient paper-intensive workflow by automating the business-critical documents received via paper, fax and email.

Features & Functionality

Fax Workflows


Data Loss Prevention

New outbound OCR feature blocks outbound faxes containing prohibited text and tags the fax as being “blocked by prohibited content”.


FaxUtil Saved Search

Search queries in FaxUtil and FaxUtil Web can now be saved and re-run with two clicks that simplifies repetitive tasks.


Automated Library Documents

RightFax 16.6 supports library documents that can be automatically inserted between the coversheet and fax body pages, ensuring that all required text and disclaimers are included in all faxes.


RightFax 16.6 Documentation

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Developers Toolkit

Quick Start Guide (2024)

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