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Fit RightFax into your Cloud Strategy

Simplify digital faxing for the enterprise with state-of-the-art cloud options, providing powerful document delivery security and unmatched reliability.


Host RightFax in the Cloud

Leverage your existing RightFax investment while still pursuing your cloud-first strategic initiative by moving your on premise RightFax system to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud Platform.

  • Utilize existing RightFax licenses 
  • Maintain existing integrations
  • Simplify Telephony
  • T.38 SIP Trunk Providers
OpenText RightFax Connect

Cloud-based Telephony

Reduce IT infrastructure complexity by eliminating on-premise telephony. Hybrid faxing with RightFax Connect provides transmission flexibility and scalability while maintaining existing software and MFP integrations.

  • Reduce telephony hassles 
  • Leverage existing integrations
  • Preserve data sovereignty
  • Eliminate capacity constraints


Simplify faxing, while reducing the cost and complexity of managing on-site hardware, software and telephony with this enterprise cloud fax service.

  • Remove on-premise telephony and servers
  • Manage access via an Online Portal
  • Develop integrations via a RESTful Web API
  • No software required – Pure Cloud solution

Speak With a Cloud  Faxing Expert

Streamlining server management and increasing the agility and efficiency of your organization.


Migrating your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud

There are many considerations to make when implementing a cloud-based faxing solution. Let us help you navigate all of the different options and ensure that you receive the best possible solution.

Software Integrations
Send and receive faxes from virtually all user-based desktop systems

Office 365
Enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaboration with Office 365


Fax Routing
Extend workflow agility and efficient fax routing


T.38 SIP Providers
Leverage “virtual lines” to transmit faxes via the internet in real time


Process confidential data without compromising security or performance


Maintain compliance with State and Federal regulations


How it works

RightFax Hosted in the Cloud

Cloud-based Virtual Machines can now be used to host your RightFax infrastructure in almost any of the popular cloud providers. Our certified T.38 Cloud telephony providers allow full virtualization, without the need for on-premise fax gateways.

Leverage your existing investment by using current RightFax licenses.

Remove on premise fax telephony, reducing IT infrastructure complexity.

Maintain existing workflows and RightFax integrations.


RightFax Connect

Hybrid faxing removes the need for on-premise telephony while allowing organizations to maintain their trusted integrations with RightFax. RightFax Connect is the only cloud telephony service guaranteed to provide complete end-to-end visibility for RightFax, backed by the scale and reliability of the OpenText Cloud.

Eliminates capacity constraints and bottlenecks caused by fax channel limitations with the scalability of the cloud.

Replace telephony complexity and failures with reliable, secure cloud fax delivery.

Leverage existing document delivery workflows and the flexible integrations provided by RightFax.

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How it works

RightFax Fax2Mail

Moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution allows organizations to reduce administrative overhead by removing all servers and telephony associated with enterprise faxing. RightFax Fax2Mail supports desktop and MFP faxing by leveraging well known email tools such as SMTP and Outlook. 

Access message-level content and information through a user-friendly Web portal interface, including an enhanced fax search tool.

Leverages five geographically dispersed data centers and nine additional points-of-presence around the globe.

Offers a comprehensive historical view to identify key statistics, system performance, and delivery information.

Learn More About Cloud Fax Options

There are many ways to incorporate fax into your Cloud-first initiatives.

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