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RightFax Connect

The Clear Choice for a Hybrid Fax Solution

OpenText RightFax Connect is the only cloud-based fax service that makes it easy to fax with any OpenText RightFax fax server without the cost, time, or hassle of managing a telephone connection to your fax server.

Connecting your fax server to your exist-ing telephone infrastructure can be time consuming to implement, maintain, and manage. Many organizations do not have the budget, staff, expertise, or desire to handle this additional workload. RightFax Connect makes it fast and easy to start faxing with RightFax.

The hybrid fax solution of RightFax fax server and RightFax Connect cloud service provides the speed, flexibility, cost savings, and security that some of the world’s best-known companies have come to expect from an OpenText cloud service.

How does it work?
RightFax Connect does not require any phone lines – as a fax machine or traditional fax server deployment would – because faxes are transmitted via a secure and encrypted connection to RightFax Connect.

When you receive a fax, RightFax Connect securely delivers the fax to the on-premises RightFax server behind your firewall, keeping all fax content safe and secure. The on-premises RightFax server then delivers the fax to the intended recipient, either to their email, fax management client or other network location. Sending a fax is equally transparent.

And rest assured that all fax traffic history is tracked for auditing purposes.

Get the power of RightFax with the convenience of the cloud

It’s everything you expect from your RightFax server – full use of the features and func-tionality and all of the deep integrations provided by RightFax – plus the ease and flexibility of the cloud. Integrate RightFax with email and back office applications for the most powerful fax server available.

This hybrid solution can integrate cloud fax delivery with any business application, whether it’s email, ERP, ECM, CRM or EMR systems. And RightFax has a number of prebuilt, powerful integrations with some of the world’s leading applications:

  • Microsoft® Exchange
  • Lotus® Notes®
  • SAP®
  • Oracle®
  • IBM® FileNet®
  • OpenText eDOCS
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Xerox® MFPs
  • Ricoh® MFPs
  • Hewlett-Packard® MFPs
  • Konica Minolta® MFPs
  • Many other 3rd party applications

The Benefits of RightFax Connect

Speed is perhaps the single most impor-tant reason for moving to cloud. The time taken to integrate, implement and configure RightFax fax servers with a telephone infra-structure is generally measured in weeks, while a company could get RightFax with RightFax Connect up and running within a matter of hours.

This is the perfect option for organizations that want to eliminate the complexity of inte-grating a telephone network with their fax server software. No resources are needed to monitor or maintain the telephone connec-tions with your fax server software – OpenText will do it for you. RightFax with RightFax Connect is a fast and easy solution for any organization.


Another important reason to move any service to the cloud is flexibility. RightFax Connect provides flexible, instant capacity when your company needs it. Send and receive large volumes of faxes without capacity constraints. No more missed or delayed faxes due to busy signals or channel congestion.

Do you send or receive large batches of faxes in a short period of time? Seasonal purchase orders, end of month invoices and sales reports can be very large volume fax transmissions. RightFax Connect instantly responds to fax volume needs and easily handles peaks or bursts of fax traffic, either inbound or outbound.

Cost Savings
RightFax Connect eliminates telephone lines, long distance charges, fax boards, fax gate-ways, fax channels and channel maintenance contracts, redundant telephone connections and other expenses related to connecting RightFax to a telephone infrastructure.

With over twenty points of presence across the globe, OpenText is able to efficiently and cost effectively route your fax traffic to optimize cost savings for outbound transactions. And because RightFax Connect is fast and easy to implement, eliminate the time it takes for IT to configure, troubleshoot and maintain the telephone integration with your fax server.

Security is vital with any fax solution. Enterprises must ensure that any sensitive, confidential information sent or received as a fax remains private. The connection between RightFax Connect and RightFax supports a number of secure communication proto-cols, including VPN, IPSec, TLS/SSL, and HTTPS to protect customer data in transit.

As the worldwide market leader in fax services, OpenText takes security and privacy very seriously. Annual examinations of the OpenText datacenters and IT controls are performed by an independent auditing firm based on the SOC2 framework by AICPA.

The strict security measures of OpenText RightFax Connect helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring your faxes remain private, secure, confidential and traceable.

Data sovereignty is also a concern for many organizations. What is data sovereignty? Data sovereignty is the concept that enterprise information is subject to the laws of the country where it physically resides—laws that may define who has access to (and even ownership of) that information. The hybrid option protects your fax data and provides data sovereignty by granting you full control over where your data resides (at the location of your fax server), even when the telephony portion is in the cloud. You retain full ownership of all your content– you control your fax images and the fax meta-data. When using RightFax Connect, the data lives on your server in the location of your choice and is protected by whatever privacy laws exist in that jurisdiction.

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