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RightFax eBusiness Multi-Tenant License

Privately share RightFax server capacity with other business entities and affiliates.

Securely Share RightFax Services

The RightFax eBusiness License allows organizations to provide fax services with included privacy for an unlimited number of affiliate business partners. Organizations can add the RightFax eBusiness License to any existing RightFax server configuration for an easy and powerful integration.

This add-on module is perfect for organizations looking to provide organizational segmentation such as:


A large healthcare organization that provides centralized IT services for its member hospitals or clinics


An insurance company that needs to segment access to information between departments or branches


A managed service provider that needs to provide a hosted fax solution for customers

Plus, for organizations that may be transmitting protected or confidential information, RightFax eBusiness license users in an exclusive group cannot see or be seen by other groups on the server, further supporting internal compliance efforts.



Leveraging Multi-Tenancy in RightFax

The eBusiness License allows organizations to share their RightFax infrastructure with different business units, while providing higher security and a strict separation between the Exclusive Groups.

Administrative overhead is reduced, as there is no need to have multiple instances of RightFax. To the end user, it appears that they are on a separate RightFax server, with no way to access users or faxes from other groups.


eBusiness multi-tenancy is highly configurable. Organizations can adjust group settings to prevent members from editing delegates, set their own Conversion Bias defaults, notify monitors of faxes requiring approval, and more.

Unlimited Tenants

Unlike in a single tenant solution, RightFax eBusiness does not require organizations to build a new and unique data system for each new tenant.

Using a multi-tenant architecture, organizations can share access with an unlimited number of affiliates using a single shared database.

Improved On-boarding

Using the same infrastructure and resources, multi-tenant utilization makes sharing all available resources simple with no required code changes or database setup for each new tenant.

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