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for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Market-Leading Fax Server Solution

What is OpenText RightFax?

RightFax is the industry-leading fax server solution that allows local and county governments to send and receive faxes such as critical contracts, licenses, and program applications electronically, eliminating standalone fax machines and the inefficient handling of paper faxes. 

Plus, RightFax offers the latest enhancements in document delivery technology to seamlessly incorporate fax into all existing office hardware and applications, including:

Advanced Security

Provide encrypted and tamper resistant document delivery.

JITC Certification

Compliant with the security standards of JITC.

Flexible Integrations

Meet the needs of your organization, both great and small.

Cloud Options

Leverage cloud-enabled faxing to increase fax efficiency.

U.S.-Based Support

Our U.S.-based Help Desk is staffed by certified engineers.

Fax Reliability

Enhance fax reliability with accurate fax routing.

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Cloud Integration

Migrating your Fax Infrastructure to RightFax Hosted in the Cloud

Many organizations are adopting a cloud-first strategy for their IT systems, including fax, in hopes of reducing administrative overhead. However, it quickly becomes obvious that maintaining existing hardware and software integrations while moving to a pure cloud fax solution can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

By hosting RightFax in the cloud and removing complex on-premise telephony, organizations are able to maintain their existing integrations, achieve their cloud-first goals, and simplify their overall IT infrastructure.

Hosting RightFax in the Cloud

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Ease of Installation
We can help install your RightFax system in a matter of days.


Software Integrations
Send and receive faxes from virtually any third-party application.


Fax via Email
Securely and quickly send faxes via Outlook or other email clients.


Fax Approvals
Users can be configured to require approval of each fax that they send.


Regulatory Compliance
Maintain compliance with State and Federal regulations.


Encrypted Fax Delivery
Process confidential data without comprising security or performance.


for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Quick Start Guide

Ready to learn about RightFax? Get started with our comprehensive quick start guide:

Security & Compliance

Leveraging Advanced Security Options with RightFax

With the recent rise of cybersecurity attacks, local and county governments know the importance of protecting against data breaches related to confidential information. This means developing strategies and implementing security measures to avoid the costly disruptions and damages that can be caused by breaches.

RightFax 20.2: Security & Compliance

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Secure Faxing Solution

Fax confidential data such as permits, licenses, and contracts


Additional Security Options

Implement additional high availability and fax encryption options


Full Audit Trails

Complete audit trails of all document access and system activity


Reduced Risk of Fines

Support compliance efforts through secure document delivery

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