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RightFax MFP Connectors

Integrating RightFax with your MFP Fleet

Organizations of every size integrate RightFax with MFP devices – whether it’s a single MFP or an entire global fleet of MFPs. Integration modules for RightFax and the MFP device allow for a fully-functioning, efficient integration that allows for a feature-rich, interactive user experience at the MFP device for faxing.

Unified MFP Connector

With the Multi-Function Printer (MFP) integration for RightFax, organizations can integrate RightFax with virtually any MFP brand or model. This provides a partial integration between RightFax and the MFP device, providing limited functionality such as:

  • Send faxes quickly and securely via SMTP-based scan-to-email integration
  • Single Sign On functionality (if equipped)
  • Customizable cover sheets, add notes, etc to outgoing faxes
  • Print-back notifications and confirmations

RightFax Integration for Xerox

RightFax integrates with Xerox Document Centres and Xerox Work Centres to consolidate all faxing services on the network, giving users convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used daily for printing, scanning and copying. With RightFax, users gain both easy walk-up access and a central point of control for electronic as well as hard copy faxing.

RightFax Integration for Ricoh

RightFax integration for ESA is a dynamic, two-way integration with ESA-enabled Ricoh, Gestetner, Savin, and Lanier MFPs. It consolidates faxing services on the network and gives users easy access to the extended document distribution features of the fax server directly from the ESA-enabled MFPs.

RightFax Integration for Konica Minolta

The RightFax Connector for Konica Minolta provides advanced integration between RightFax and Konica Minolta MFP devices for a sophisticated two-way communication solution. This connector requires RightFax 10.5 Feature Pack 1 or later and bEST-equipped MFPs. Choose from two user interfaces and gain all the features provided in the RightFax Connector for Konica Minolta MFPs, the ability to select recipients from personal RightFax user address book, and use of personal RightFax notification options.

RightFax Integration for Sharp

RightFax integrates with Sharp Digital Imagers via the RightFax MFP Module to consolidate all faxing services on the network. Giving customers convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used daily for printing, scanning, and copying. Customers can start with a single server and then expand to more than 1,000 channels. Additionally capacity can be added to include desktop, email, CRM, ERP, document management and other essential business applications.

RightFax Integration for HP

RightFax integrates with HP MFPs and Digital Senders to consolidate all faxing services on the network, giving users convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used daily for printing, scanning and copying. The MFP Module provides an easy-to-use integration platform for integrating RightFax with MFPs and HP Digital Senders. It offers HP and RightFax users a tested and tightly integrated solution that delivers documents securely throughout the organization and externally to customers, suppliers and partners.

SMTP Connector

The SMTP Connector for MFP devices integrates RightFax with a universal connector to leverage MFP fleets. With the SMTP Connector for MFP Devices, organizations can scan documents on SMTP-capable MFP devices and have them delivered with the RightFax server. The SMTP Connector provides one-way connection from the MFP to the RightFax server that effectively adds the RightFax server send capabilities to the MFP. RightFax can print a notification message on the originating device.

How many Channels do you need?

RightFax deployments require careful planning to ensure the right capacity is available at any given time for fax transmissions. Understanding your fax volume is an important part of managing a RightFax implementation that utilizes on-premises telephony in order to properly plan for capacity requirements. Insufficient capacity leads to outbound fax delivery delays and inbound fax transmission busy signals.

A best practice of many installations is to expand the availability and use of RightFax across the entire organization: RightFax may have been implemented to solve a specific business problem or make a fax-dependent workflow more efficient, but many organizations expand RightFax to other lines of business, departments and to all employees to make faxing more efficient across the entire organization, which affects fax volumes.

For example, organizations with a large fleet of MFPs can use a single RightFax server to easily transmit documents from multiple MFPs rather than maintaining individual phone lines for each individual MFP.

As fax volumes increase, additional payload is added to existing RightFax channels and available capacity – and understanding this impact helps avoid channel saturation, transmission delays or missed faxes that are critical to your business.

Another key area in channel capacity and capacity planning is determining the highest level of faxing at any given time – including planning for spikes and highest peaks in fax volume.  The uppermost level of faxing may occur only during certain times of the year (seasonal volume trends), certain times of the month (end of month invoices), or daily (broadcast faxing).

RightFax provides instant and unlimited scalability for any fax capacity requirements. Advantage has a dedicated team to assist your needs for capacity concerns, capacity planning, and additional capacity purchases and expenses, RightFax can scale with your business, providing the capacity where and when you need it.

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