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How to Scan Documents to RightFax FaxUtil

With RightFax, remote users can leverage personal MFPs to fax paper documents by scanning them directly into FaxUtil.

To attach a scanned document in FaxUtil:

  1. Scan the document according to your scanner’s operating instructions
  2. Open up FaxUtil and click New Fax
  3. In the Fax Information window, enter the relevant fax information such as recipient name, destination number, or email address
  4. To attach your scanned document, go to the Attachments tab and select the paper clip icon
  5. From here, locate the scanned document you would like to attach to your fax
  6. Attach the file and hit Send

Once all these steps have been completed, you can track the progress and status of your fax back in FaxUtil or FaxUtil Web.

  • Faxes that have a Red Status, indicate that the fax has failed.
  • Faxes with a Yellow status indicate that the fax has been tried, but did not complete and will retry, or that the fax needs attention.
  • Faxes with a Green status, indicates that your fax has been successfully sent.

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