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Security & Compliance

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency with RightFax

With the recent rise of cybersecurity attacks, organizations know the importance of preparing for data breaches related to protected information. This means not just preparing for regulatory compliance but developing strategies to avoid the costly disruptions and damages that can be caused by breaches.

RightFax helps organizations reduce their risk significantly by helping to eliminate errors commonly associated with manual processes, delivering encrypted files via secure fax with certified delivery, and integrating vertical applications for increased privacy. This aids organizational efforts to comply with regulations such as:

  • ARRA Meaningful Use
  • Gramm-Leach Bliley
  • Basel II
  • SOX

As the most powerful fax server in the industry, RightFax ensures content remains private and does not sit in open public areas with unauthorized access.

With point-to-point transmissions that are immune to viruses, malware, and interception, RightFax provides comprehensive security options to help maintain compliance and requirements for protected information.

Increased Compliance through Security & Privacy

  • Secure and trusted form of information exchange
  • Point-to-point transmissions are immune to viruses, malware, and interception (unlike email transmissions)
  • Help maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other information governance requirements
  • Ensure digital fax content remains private and does not sit in open public areas with unauthorized access
  • Verify document transmission and track fax history with full audit trail
  • Ensure compliance with US Department of Defense interoperability and security standards with Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification

HIPAA Compliance & RightFax

Most healthcare organizations comprehend the importance of Protected Health Information (PHI) and strive to never purposely place patient information at risk. However, with many healthcare providers facing time constraints tied directly to required billable hour and healthcare services, there is little time for them to be an IT or legal expert.

The resulting fines from a HIPAA violation or data breach can carry the power to incapacitate an entire organization with long-lasting consequences.

How RightFax Helps
Using RightFax, organizations can secure the sharing of PHI–both electronic and paper-based records and setup faxing directly from their EMR or EHR–eliminating the need to print records while keeping a complete audit trail of sent information.

For many healthcare providers, RightFax is an essential part of their regulatory compliance regime because it provides a centralized communications hub and helps restrict access to PHI.

  • Offering certified and encrypted electronic document delivery options
  • Recording inbound and outbound faxes for a full audit trail
  • Providing tamper-resistant document delivery and receipt
  • Improving health information tracking and storage

Key RightFax Capabilities

For many providers, RightFax has proved to be a vital bridge between the paper and digital worlds as well as a platform for maintaining critical, HIPAA compliant communications between providers not on the same system.

Key RightFax capabilities include:

  • Fax directly from almost any desktop application, EMR system, or practice management software.
  • Eliminate manual faxing processes.
  • Manage confidential information in a secure, reliable, and electronic format.

Not all people who need access to private health records can be on the same system, so it is extremely important to be able to fax protected data directly from familiar tools and receive external documents as faxes into the system.

With RightFax, faxing and document distribution is seamless.

Increase the Security of your RightFax System

Learn more about our most popular RightFax security options to support compliance goals:

The Encryption Module

Prevent any and all unauthorized access to fax images by encrypting faxes at rest.

Learn More

Secure FoIP Channels

Protect yourself from internal and external threats by encrypting faxes while in motion. 

Learn More

Shared Services Module

Allow multiple servers to share a single common database and distribute workloads across the servers.

Learn More

SQL Image Storage Module

Simplify your network environment and promote fax image high availability.

Learn More

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