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Streamlining Workflows

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency with RightFax

Not all faxing systems are the same. Organizations that rely on fax need to ensure that their document delivery workflows are processed in a timely manner. That is why overall system architecture is important when considering a fax server solution.

RightFax, the market-leading enterprise fax server solution, maintains an extremely high degree of system reliability with numerous built-in fail-safes that ultimately protect faxes from being lost, delayed, or accidentally deleted.

With RightFax, your organization can:

  • Integrate fax documents with the business applications that are most important to your business, making it easier to exchange information more quickly
  • Turn static, paper documents into dynamic, smart content as part of an electronic workflow
  • Shorten business cycles by delivering quotes, invoices, and purchase orders automatically and instantly
  • Eliminate the cost of fax machines, paper, toner, analog phone lines, and the frustrations that go along with them
  • Maintain compliance with regulations around the world to keep protected information private
  • Transform paper-based processes into automated document delivery workflows by increasing the efficiency and productivity of anyone who touches a faxed document

Fully integrated and centralized fax server

  • Integrate with key business applications—ERP, ECM, CRM, EMR, and virtually any system for faster and more secure exchange of business-critical documents.
  • Pre-built integrations are available for OpenText™ eDOCS, OpenText™ Content Server, IBM® FileNet®,
    Microsoft® SharePoint®, and a certified connector for SAP®.
  • Use existing telephony infrastructure including Voice over IP for a robust UC strategy that includes fax.
  • Send faxes as easily as emails with email integration with any SMTP email client, including Microsoft® Office 365®, and Gmail™.
  • Leverage your investment by integrating with your existing MFP fleet and get rid of fax machines forever.

The Workflow Platform for RightFax

The Workflow Platform for RightFax is a game-changing platform for automating document-intensive business transactions and processes.

It maximizes the value of paper, fax, and email documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents and integrating them with a wide variety of back-end systems.

Unlike most workflow solutions, the Workflow Platform for RightFax leverages a company’s existing business processes, database applications, and a wide range of back-end systems to meet each organization’s specific needs.

This means the Workflow Platform for RightFax can evolve with your business while enabling tighter integration, faster user adoption, and significantly lower implementation costs.

Customers in healthcare, financial services, and other document-intensive businesses have used the Workflow Platform for RightFax to process tens of millions of documents and faxes into complex workflows that require synchronization with multiple third-party systems.

Flexible Software Integrations

The Workflow Platform for RightFax provides flexible configuration with a wide-variety of back-office applications, which offers unique advantages that bring together disparate and legacy business applications into a single platform that provides efficiency gains without having to replace the current infrastructure.

Advantage can also help build in the custom process improvements and efficiencies to ensure a faster return and less risk to day to day business operations and interruption to the IT team.

Most importantly we can map workflow processes you might want to implement over the next 2-3 years.  Our experts give organizations what they need today at less of a cost on time, materials, and people.

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