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RightFax Telephony Options

Simplify your Fax Infrastructure with Flexible Telephony Options for RightFax 

Introduction to RightFax Telephony

Fax telephony management doesn’t need to be overly costly or complex. RightFax seamlessly integrates to your existing telephone infrastructure, and its flexible configuration makes it easy to elevate your document data flow to secure FoIP or Cloud-based fax telephony that performs more efficiently and securely at scale.

For On-Premises RightFax Configurations

Modern, IP-Based Telephony Fax Solutions 

While legacy telephony, such as Analog (POTS) or Digital (PRI / T1), were the standard in fax for decades, today’s IP-based telephony systems have rendered them mostly obsolete.  

Whether you are using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) already or planning to migrate your telephony to IP, RightFax offers multiple options for integrating and virtualizing your fax environment for your current and future needs. Typically, this means connecting through T.38 SIP Trunks, simplifying your overall telephony infrastructure.

Benefits of IP-Based Telephony:

VoIP has already transformed how enterprises communicate globally. Similarly, Fax-over-IP (FoIP) can help you reduce (or eliminate) costly physical telephony and MFP integration kits, all while improving security, productivity, and functionality. 

Additionally, FoIP provides an simpler maintenance experience since networking issues can be addressed more effectively than with legacy, carrier support.  

For Cloud-Enabled RightFax Configurations

Future, Cloud-Based Telephony Fax Solutions

Telephony has been migrating to the cloud for over a decade, improving the overall speed and efficacy of business communications worldwide. With cloud-based telephony, organizations are more agile and lean, saving on equipment, maintenance, and IT services overall. 

Many organizations choose cloud-based telephony to reduce the workload and complexity of their on-premises network environment and overall infrastructure costs. When looking to connect a RightFax server to the PSTN (whether RightFax in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud or a private environment), you have two sets of options: a SIP Trunk Provider or RightFax Connect.

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Cloud SIP Trunks
SIP Partner Providers
RightFax Connect

A SIP trunk is an IP-based connection that can connect RightFax to the PSTN and replace trunks of physical phone wires, gateways, and PBXs with a secure and flexible cloud-based solution. We use Cloud SIP Trunks for RightFax Hybrid, Private Cloud, and Hosted solutions.

Communication between RightFax and the Cloud-based SIP Trunk Provider is encrypted and transmitted over the internet, ensuring that all communications are secure. Transmissions happen in real-time, meaning there is no store-and-forward needed.

We partner with Cloudli and T38Fax, both industry-leading SIP Trunk providers that specialize in fax, specifically. With extensive experience implementing cloud telephony systems for our enterprise customers. 

RightFax also supports SIP Trunking from Global Crossing, CenturyLink, XO communications, and others. 

RightFax Connect is a cloud-based telephony service for RightFax that connects faxes to the OpenText cloud where it is then passed on to the PSTN over a secure connection. Utilizing this service to transmit faxes eliminates the need for physical telephony and removes the responsibility of managing that telephony from your technical team. 

Unlike our SIP Trunk partner providers, RightFax Connect uses store-and-forward protocols to save time and keep data flow lean even at the busiest hours, meaning fax data is stored externally for short periods of time to reduce traffic.  

RightFax Telephony & Deployment

While RightFax telephony is the most flexible in the industry, your options may be limited by the choices you make for deployment (on-premise, hybrid, private cloud, hosted, or pure cloud). No matter your choice, Advantage Technologies offers unique personalization opportunities to ensure your RightFax system fits within your current and future cloud goals. 

Legacy Telephony

Built with backwards capabilities and pathways, RightFax can also integrate to older telephony infrastructures, such as Analog (POTS) or Digital (PRI / T1) telephony. If you are looking to keep your legacy methods in some or all of your departments, contact our team to learn how we can connect you to the speed and power of RightFax.  

Trusted Telephony Partners

For over 25 years, Advantage has built up a network of trusted and certified partners who can help you achieve your fax telephony configuration goals. We work with our partners to design and deliver stable RightFax implementations based on your overall document delivery goals. 

Has your organization discussed any of the following initiatives? 

  • Implementing a cloud-first strategy 
  • Employing FoIP telephony  
  • Migrating your data center 
  • Virtualizing fax infrastructure

If so, it may be time to speak with the RightFax experts. Our certified engineers have extensive experience helping organizations upgrade existing systems or building new fax network infrastructure. 

Additionally, Advantage Technologies offers technical services for integrating and installing business critical hardware, including software, devices, and MFPs with minimal downtime or disruptions. 

From our first conversation, through planning and implementation, to the final cut over and continued support, we make it our priority to fully understand your project and organization, ensuring the best possible outcome for your strategic goals. 

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