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The Brooklyn Hospital Center Maximizes Patient Care with RightFax Enterprise Solutions

RightFax bolsters hospital efficiency and document workflows through key software integrations and network solutions

Key Outcomes


Enhanced information exchange by integrating business-critical applications, including Epic EMR, Cisco VoIP, and Aya Healthcare with RightFax


Replaced iniffecient processes with advanced and automated paperlesss document workflows for increased productivity and cost reduction


Simplified complex telecom network consisting of multiper carriers, routing, and outdated protocols with RightFax Cloud Telephony

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brooklyn’s oldest hospital center looked to modernize their fax infrastructure with the help of Advantage Technologies.
Company Background

Established in 1845, The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC) is the oldest hospital in Brooklyn, NY and is widely regarded as one of the premier healthcare institutions in NYC. As a full-service teaching hospital with over four-hundred licensed beds, they provide quality care to hundreds of thousands of patients every year.

In 2020, the TBHC technology team turned to Advantage Technologies to assess their current fax infrastructure and design a modern digital fax solution that would support their mission as a care-focused health institution. Advantage designed and implemented a RightFax solution that streamlined document delivery and PHI exchange through their Epic EMR™.

Outdated fax infrastructure holds back staff efficiency and patient care

THBC processes thousands of reports, lab results, and other critical documents per day while treating their patients. It is critical that this information be shared with their patient care team and external health partners as quickly and securely as possible.

The onset of the pandemic revealed the troubling reality of their aging fax infrastructure. Before implementing RightFax, documents were required to be printed and sent manually through MFPs (multi-function printers) and fax machines. In many cases, staff had to move floor to floor to effectively gather and transmit time-sensitive PHI. This placed an added strain as they navigated patient care and documentation amid the influx of patients needing critical care.

In addition to the issues around manual faxing, physical fax machines and MFPs connected to the phone system required TBHC to install individual phone lines to each device, complicating their overall telephony infrastructure. If any technical issues arose, they would be forced to troubleshoot their two telephone systems and rely on the carriers’ overworked support team.

In short, TBHC faced three key problems with their outdated, paper-based fax system: (1) disconnected applications and systems; (2) inefficient procedures due to manual faxing; (3)complicated and costly telecom networking.

Advantage Technologies resolves fax inefficiencies by implementing RightFax at the core of hospital communications

1) RightFax Integrates Epic EMR, Aya Healthcare, and other business-critical systems

For over 25 years, RightFax has remained an industry leader in enterprise fax for healthcare, and at the core of its functionality is the ability to integrate with virtually any business-critical application, including any EMR/EHR.

After evaluating the current workflows at TBHC, the experts at Advantage used native integrations as well as APIs to connect their critical applications with RightFax.

RightFax transformed their inter-departmental faxing through its unique, native integration to Epic EMR™. As the pillar of their patient care and administrative communications, integrating RightFax with Epic drastically improves their ability to transmit documents in real time. securely and directly from the Epic dashboard. Radiology departments, for example, can now transmit images and documentation from Epic without having to leave their workstations. Plus, billing can send and receive authorizations faster and more securely than before.

Advantage also integrated RightFax with Aya Healthcare, giving administrators a singular connected system to manage staff and other critical admin tasks. Departments heavily dependent on Aya, such as their pediatric ward, can now easily exchange critical patient information with other departments quickly and securely.

2) RightFax Replaces Manual Processes through MFP Connectors and Automated Workflows

With these critical connections in place, Advantage then resolved the underlying inefficiencies that disrupted staff communications by creating new fax pathways and automated processes.

Before RightFax, each MFP and fax machine was reliant on a sender and receiver at either end. Now, the MFP fleet is interconnected with native MFP Connectors which ensure PHI can easily be faxed electronically to any department, team member, or email address through “Scan and Fax.”

RightFax-connected MFPs and workstations mean staff do not have to go floor to floor to access and transmit documentation. Instead, they can scan doctors’ notes and fax them directly to another department from a single fax-enabled MFP.

Additionally, with advanced inbound and outbound fax routing capabilities exclusive to RightFax, the team now has access to automated and secure workflows, resulting in increased availability of patient information and other critical business data.

Lastly, with these new paperless processes in place, the hospital has seen monthly ink and paper costs drop significantly, meaning less waste and a smaller ecological footprint.

3) RightFax Simplifies Network Infrastructure and Maintenance with IP-Based Cloud Telephony

RightFax Cloud Telephony solutions ultimately result in a simpler and more unified telecom network environment. Through strategic SIP Trunk partner providers, the Advantage team was able to redirect traffic and leverage their existing Cisco network to simplify their network environment overall.

Before Advantage stepped in, a secondary phone system was essential to ensure TBHC’s growing health system could handle the workload of PHI documentation and transmission. By directly integrating RightFax with their existing Cisco VoIP, Advantage removed the secondary phone system and its expensive maintenance contract.

The implementation of secure Cloud Telephony played a critical role in this network consolidation. By connecting devices with T.38 SIP Trunks directly to the PSTN, there is no longer a need for fax gateways or fax boards. This means all their phones, servers, computers, MFPs, and more can live on the same network with the same protocols, making maintenance simpler and more secure in the end.

The new cloud telephony also ensures their IT department can directly address network issues rather than wait for a carrier to resolve them. This means less downtime for the entire health system and more face time with patients and partners.

From Start to Finish: Advantage Technologies Checks All the Boxes

When the TBHC team faced uncertain times at the height of the pandemic, they contacted the fax experts to ensure the project was completed effectively.

As Shane Froebel, Associate Director of Technical Services and Acting CISO at the hospital put it: “with ease of use, ease of deployment, and critical integrations like Cisco, RightFax and Advantage just checked all the boxes.”

From start to finish, the process was straightforward and painless. The fax experts at Advantage met with the hospital team to first evaluate and diagnose the fax infrastructure. From there, a personalized solution and implementation plan was put in place.

Then, the team at Advantage worked diligently to ensure a seamless cutover, implementing RightFax floor by floor and department by department to minimize strain on staff and down time throughout the busy hospital.
Today, the experts at Advantage Technologies continue to work with the Brooklyn Hospital, serving as a long-term strategic technology partner.

With U.S. based support and a 24/7 enterprise support window, their staff and IT department count on the experts at Advantage to keep their fax infrastructure performing at the highest level.

As one the most advanced and secure fax solutions for healthcare institutions, RightFax continues to prove its essential role in patient care and service not only at the Brooklyn Hospital Center – but at hospitals, clinics, and health organizations worldwide.

To learn how Advantage can optimize your patient care and document workflows, please contact us directly to speak with a RightFax expert today.

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