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SIP Trunking with RightFax

Send and Receive Faxes Via the Cloud

Businesses need to minimize operation costs such as installing, configuring, and maintaining physical phone lines and PBX's for each office. SIP trunking can move those wires and switches into the cloud.

Companies that choose SIP trunking can deploy RightFax without in-house fax boards, fax gateways, or switched telephone network (PSTN) lines.

Sip Trunking

Instead of a physical trunk of wires for PSTN lines, SIP trunking provides a virtual trunk over the Internet to PSTN lines. A session border controller (SBC) manages communications between RightFax and the phone equipment in the cloud. RightFax supports SBCs from major vendors including Dialogic, InGate, and Cisco.

RightFax Supports SIP Trunking From:

  • babyTEL
  • Global Crossing
  • CenturyLink (Qwest)
  • XO Communications

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