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Cloud Fax Solutions

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Everything you need to know about hosting cloud fax solutions for healthcare, government, and more.

Cloud Fax Solutions

Is Cloud Fax right for you? 

No matter what you have read or heard, the truth is not every cloud fax solution will work for your organization. Moving away from legacy phone infrastructure, migrating your fax server into the cloud, or employing a fax-as-a-service solution — every option comes with unique conditions and requirements. As such, implementing a cloud fax initiative requires you to consider all your options carefully with the guidance of the right team.

Below, we break down how Cloud fax fits into your initiatives as well as define key terms and concepts.

Key Terms and Definitions

What is cloud fax? Cloud fax is a catch-all term typically used by providers to describe any number of solutions where at least some portion of the fax infrastructure has been moved to a cloud service provider.  As illustrated in our Cloud Spectrum below, our solutions vary in their reliance on cloud services as well as their overall impact on your network infrastructure.

The range of cloud services your fax system requires depends on where you decide to host your RightFax software. Core services related to RightFax include:

Cloud telephony – A cloud-based connection to the PSTN that delivers real-time fax. It is typically provided by a T.38 optimized SIP Trunk provider.

Pure cloud – Often called Fax-as-a-Service (FaaS), this is a multi-tenant fax service in a public cloud infrastructure where the entire fax system is owned and managed by a service provider. Pure cloud fax services (such as Fax2Mail, Concord, and eFax) have limited functionality compared to a fax server such as RightFax, functioning as email-to-fax for compliance purposes.

Cloud infrastructure – A cloud service in which RightFax software is installed on a VM hosted in Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform. This kind of service requires IP-based or cloud telephony.

Cloud hosting – A cloud service in which RightFax is installed on a private virtual server in a service providers datacenter. Some of these services include full management of the RightFax server for increased business flexibility.

The Cloud Fax Spectrum

Cloud Solutions for Every Business

In order to truly understand which solution works best for your organization, it is important to know how much of your fax infrastructure will live in the cloud according to your deployment choice. To aid in this process, we have created a visual spectrum to illustrate these core differences below.

What the spectrum means for you:

Note that the spectrum only illustrates how much of your fax system will live in the cloud. Other considerations, such as security and network requirements, are outlined further in this overview. However, the further right you go on the spectrum, the more of your fax system is managed and hosted in a cloud environment, with Pure Cloud services like Fax2Mail representing an FaaS solution that no longer functions as a fax server.

It is important to note that every configuration and RightFax installation is unique. Aside from Pure Cloud, each of the hosting options on the spectrum can be personalized to your specific network needs and cloud goals, with virtually no limits to integrations and connectivity.

Flexible Cloud Options

Solutions for All Business Needs

No matter your fax needs, RightFax provides industry-leading flexibility to fit within your cloud initiatives. Each of our hosting options (aside from Pure Cloud) can be configured specifically to your organizational needs. So, regardless of which hosting option you choose, RightFax seamlessly integrates with your business-critical applications, network environment, MFP fleet, and compliance protocols. Below are the five hosting options we offer for RightFax. You can click through to learn more or download a comprehensive data sheet for your team.


Classic RightFax configuration hosted 100% on your data center and network

Proven and Trusted

RightFax On Premises delivers on security features and virtually unlimited integrations to business critical applications and network systems.

Learn more…


On-premises configuration with cloud-based, next-generation telephony

Next Generation Connectivity

RightFax Hybrid leverages the power of T.38 SIP trunking to improve connectivity, reliability, and security while limiting network workload.

Learn more…

Private Cloud

Cloud hosted RightFax configuration built for a new generation of fax compatibility

Cloud Infrastructure for Fax

Hosted on AWS, Azure, or other providers, RightFax Private Cloud hosting brings power, compatibility, and scale to any enterprise.

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Fully-managed RightFax configuration for maximum business flexibility and reliability

Enterprise Cloud Fax Simplified

RightFax Hosted combines full scale RightFax functionality with the ease of a fully managed software solution for maximum flexibility.

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Pure Cloud

Fax-as-a-service solution built for growing organizations and 100% cloud enablement


Fax2Mail provides organizations with compliant cloud-based faxing through store-and-forward technology. It offers limited features compared to RightFax.

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Migrating your fax workflows to the cloud can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our fax experts are here to guide you through every choice to ensure a seamless implementation and cut-off process. Schedule a call with our team today to start optimizing your fax.

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