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HIPAA Compliant

Digital Fax Solutions

Learn how our HIPAA compliant solutions can increase the security and compliance of healthcare workflows, enhance operational efficiency, and improve patient care.

HIPAA Compliant Digital Solutions

Securely Transmit Documents from a Variety of Sources

Patient information is protected by law and strict regulations like HIPAA govern how healthcare institutions must handle and store them. If documents are showing up in a public area—a busy nursing station, for example—they are vulnerable to being seen or even stolen by unintended recipients.

For many healthcare providers, HIPAA compliant digital solutions are an essential part of their regulatory compliance regime because they help restrict access to PHI, as well as:

  • Improve HIPAA compliance and security
    Leverage complete encryption for faxes, with centralized traceability for easier audits.
  • Enhance productivity
    Accelerate scheduling, follow-up, and claims processing.
  • Simplify faxing
    Automate delivery, reception, and tracking of patient information.

With the highest levels of security to protect PHI, healthcare organizations can fax-enable critical applications using our solutions to increase HIPAA compliance for the secure exchange of patient information.

Solving Key Healthcare Challenges

How Advantage Can Help

Healthcare organizations are facing challenges on many fronts—desire for high-quality care on the part of patients and their physicians, and the need for cost control on the part of payers.

Combine these challenges with privacy concerns and heightened regulatory requirements and now healthcare organizations are under pressure to digitize content, improve internal workflow processes, and deliver information more quickly—all while reducing costs and safeguarding information security.

Backed with the support of our U.S.-based Help Desk, our solutions allow healthcare organizations to:

Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Ensure private health information reaches intended recipients with delivery notifications and options for encrypted and certified delivery.

Improve Service to Patients

Accelerate claims processing, medical handling and other critical tasks by quickly providing information via fax or email.

Improved Efficiency

Eliminate error-prone, time-consuming, repetitive manual routines that waste administrative time and resources.

Securely Receive & Send PHI

Automate delivery, receipt, and tracking of private health information. Plus, securely archive of all incoming and outgoing faxes.

Healthcare Success Stories

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With over 25 years of experience in the industry, and more than 10,000 healthcare installations around the world, learn what makes our HIPAA compliant solutions the most trusted for healthcare.

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Meet the HIPAA Compliant Solutions

Backed with the Expertise of Advantage Technologies

Meet the HIPAA Compliant Solutions

Backed with the Expertise of Advantage Technologies

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