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Hosted Fax Solutions

Fully Managed Enterprise Fax

Learn how hosted fax solutions can eliminate the stress of managing your fax infrastructure and reduce potential IT-related headaches.

Hosted Fax Solutions

Experience Fully Managed Enterprise Fax

In today’s digital-first world, managed fax solutions revolutionize fax infrastructure for businesses by enhancing scalability, security, and efficiency. This solution reduces maintenance overhead by taking the responsibility of managing your fax server off your books, giving your organization maximum business flexibility and scalability.

Plus, it’s designed as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to on-premises deployments, ensuring nearly universal integration with critical business applications and maintaining high uptime, making it an ideal upgrade for organizations moving to cloud-based fax solutions.

By adopting a managed fax solution, business can benefit from: 


Offers consistent and dependable service with a focus on uptime and quick resolution of issues.

Cost Effectiveness

Reduces costs by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure and maintenance.

Customizable Features

Tailors services to the specific needs of each business, whether it’s for bulk faxing capabilities or integration with CRM systems.

How Does Hosted Fax Work?

The perfect alternative for organizations looking to reduce the cost of ownership of on-premise deployments, Hosted Fax Solutions typically deploy in secure, redundant data centers. Depending on the solution, your existing fax workflows may remain unchanged with the only key difference being that every key maintenance service is managed and performed by a third-party.

This means they integrate seamlessly with existing workflows, meaning businesses can continue their operations without disruption while outsourcing the maintenance and management tasks.

The managed service model ensures that fax services are both efficient and cost-effective, making it an optimal solution for modernizing business communications.

Benefits of Hosted Fax Solutions

By removing the costly and time-consuming task of maintaining and monitoring the fax server(s), organizations have the business flexibility to scale up their fax capabilities as their business grows – all without the need for updating infrastructure or investing in other costs of scale. 

Reduced Management Expenses

Managed services take the responsibility of fax server software management off your books, giving your organization maximum business flexibility and scalability. 

Simplified Monthly Pricing

With hosted fax solutions, you pay a monthly subscription fee that includes all the features and functionality you need. 

Customizable and Flexible Sizing

Pay for what you use. Plus, you never need to manage your telco infrastructure or worry about your faxing capacity, as all aspects of the solution are managed by a third party. 

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