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The Workflow Platform for RightFax

Features & Benefits

The Workflow Platform for RightFax is a game-changing platform for automating document-intensive business transactions and processes. It maximizes the value of paper, fax and email documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents and integrating them with a wide variety of back-end systems.

Better Information for Higher Quality of Care

  • Increase clinician productivity and satisfaction by improving the quality and availability of information.
  • Spread new knowledge faster by populating a case repository and making new procedures and results available for review.
  • Enhance patient safety by enabling a faster view of orders, results, and history.
  • Capture information for utilization reviews and best practices analysis.
  • Enable better search and analysis, trends and projections, and operational analytics.

Improved Business Processes for Faster ROI

  • Improve the revenue cycle by providing claims information more quickly and accurately.
  • Decrease delays and rejections of submitted claims.
  • Enhance the patient mix for increased reimbursement.
  • Increase the profitability of services performed.
  • Improve case management.
  • Increase compliance by quickly securing all record data and protecting access.

Flexible Integration

  • Scanner, fax, MFP and email integration to collect documents from a variety of sources.
  • Pre-built and configurable connectors to integrate with EMR/EHR and other healthcare and enterprise-class applications.

Powerful Workflow

  • Flexible router client to view inbound documents and perform indexing, validation and even complex workflow tasks.
  • Database updates and lookups to fill index values, identify document senders and determine how to route and prioritize documents.

Robust Document Handling

  • Single/multi-page TIFF/PDF support and file separation to deliver documents to different locations in different formats.
  • Barcode detection and parsing (1D and 2D), plus barcode stamping to add ID information to outbound documents.

Proven Fax Technologies

  • Fax over IP (FoIP) and cloud fax support to minimize the total cost of ownership.
  • Mail merge to easily send large numbers of unique documents at any time and priority.
  • Intelligent “retries” to differentiate between a busy phone line, an invalid number or a human answer.

Simple Configuration and Administration

  • GUI-driven, rules-based configuration to easily create or change complex functions without expensive, time-consuming and risky programming.
  • Profile support to apply rules and workflows to different types of documents based on business requirements.
  • User/group security to control access to features, functions and processes by user role or explicitly.

A Success Story

Heritage of Edina is a retirement community and assisted living facility in Minnesota for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The organization receives a variety of lab results and medical records by fax. Previously these documents were printed and delivered by hand, but they were easily lost or viewed by unauthorized personnel. Once delivered to the correct destination, the documents were scanned to an EHR system, then filed or shredded.

The facility implemented the Workflow Platform for RightFax as an easier, more efficient and HIPPA-compliant way to receive and distribute these vital documents. An approved staffer uses the Workflow Platform for RightFax client to forward incoming documents to the appropriate doctor, nurse or administrator. Case managers use the system to save fax images and relevant data to the medical records software. The organization also uses the Workflow Platform for RightFax to easily and securely send faxes from more than 40 workstations.

Incoming faxes are now accessed only by those who route and process these documents. Nothing gets lost, and the printing, shredding and scanning of faxes has been nearly eliminated.

Integrating with RightFax

RightFax is a mature, enterprise-class fax server solution with a wide variety of options for sending and receiving faxes. But it is not a workflow, document management or ECM solution. The Workflow Platform for RightFax brings native workflow integration to RightFax, enabling you to automate and customize your fax-based business processes.

The Workflow Platform for RightFax enhances the RightFax user experience with a combination of features, functionality and price unmatched by any other solution. You can implement hands-free automation with programmatic accuracy or enable your users with workflow clients that explicitly support your business processes.

The Workflow Platform for RightFax extends the life and usability of your RightFax system by transforming it into a high-demand, user-friendly, transactional capture and delivery solution, while laying the groundwork for supporting other document transaction solutions of the future.

Adding the Workflow Platform for RightFax further enables knowledge workers to drive the unavoidable hands-on steps of a business process more efficiently and accurately; to quickly and easily perform sophisticated indexing, validation and workflow tasks on inbound documents; and to launch complex, automated, rules-based actions with as few as one click.

Other Software

The Workflow Platform for RightFax workflow program provides flexible configuration with a wide-variety of back-office applications, which offers unique advantages that bring together disparate and legacy business applications into a single platform that provides efficiency gains without having to replace the current infrastructure in place.

We can also help build in the custom process improvements and efficiencies your organization is looking for to ensure a faster return and less risk on day to day business and interruption to the IT team.  We also can build upon the investments already made and empower the IT team to manage the system into the future.

Most importantly, with less disruption and risk to the organization, we can map workflow processes you would need to memorialize for the future with any direction they may go over the next 2-3 years.  We are a bridge and tool that will give them what they need today at less of a cost on time/materials and people.

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